International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices

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International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices, bring together academicians, researchers, information scientists to focus on understanding the modern development in the field of Library and Information Science and establishing new collaboration in this area. This journal is going to be helpful for students, researchers, teachers as well as the librarians who are communicating knowledge requirements to service providers, planning and managing the delivery of knowledge, communicating the availability of knowledge to the end-user community, monitoring the use of the knowledge assets and delivering the value of the knowledge to the end-user community. The primary objective of the International Journal of Knowledge Management & Practices (IJKMP) is to provide a forum for advancing the organizational, technical, human, and cognitive issues associated with the creation, capture, transfer and use of information and knowledge management in the organizations. This Journal will share knowledge among researchers and practitioners with respect to the development, implementation and maintenance of effective knowledge management systems in the libraries and information centres. This journal publishes high quality empirical and theoretical research covering all aspects of knowledge management and information systems. In addition to full-length research manuscripts, the journal publishes insightful research and practice notes as well as case studies from all areas of knowledge management.
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knowledge management and Information Technology
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