Assessment of Green IT or IS Within the Aviation Industry Using the Analytic Network Process Approach

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and assess the green information system and green information technology (IT/IS) investments within the aviation industry to help decision makers to reduce and overcome the negative impacts of Green IT/IS investment related to benefits, opportunities, cost, and risks. For this purpose, a total number of 380 usable questionnaires were collected from employees working in Egypt Air and 20 personal interviews were conducted with the experts. Data was analyzed using two techniques; SPSS version 16. So, Correlation analysis and Chi-Square tests (between benefits of green IT/IS and work experience) were conducted to find out the relationship between study variables (benefits, opportunities, cost and risks). The second technique was ANP version 2.8 software package for the interviews. Pair wise comparison, the unweighted super matrix, weighted super matrix, and limited matrix were used. Then the ANP priorities and the synthesized priorities for benefits were conducted. The results showed a positive correlation between opportunities, costs, and risks of green IT/IS. Despite green IT/IS benefits and opportunities, this does not negate the high cost of investments within the aviation industry, especially, the cost of powering IT infrastructure which had the greatest value from the experts’ point of view. Green IT/IS is increasing concern because of either lower costs or increased costs.