Call for Book Chapters - Recent Research in Business and Management Studies

We at Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is proud to announce the Call for Book Chapters for our Upcoming book titled 'Recent Research in Business and Management Studies'. This book is also suitable for all readers interested in the field of managerial economics.

Introduction to Book

Economics for Managers presents the fundamental ideas of microeconomics and macroeconomics and integrates them from a managerial decision-making perspective in a framework that can be used in a single-semester course.
To be competitive in today’s business environment, managers must understand how economic forces affect their business and the factors that must be considered when making business decisions.¿ This is the only book that provides business students and MBAs with a thorough and applied understanding of both micro- and macroeconomic concepts in a way non-economics majors can understand.
The third edition retains all the same core concepts and straightforward material on micro- and macroeconomics while incorporating new case material and real-world examples that relate to today’s managerial student.

This is a new approach of putting together material that covers all the major disciplines in business management in one book but in two volumes. It is aimed at both the students and the practitioners in the fields of business studies and economics who require a quick guide book. This book highlights the distinction between leadership and management; discusses the key aspects of financial management such as management of cash, credit management, management of working capital, and financial ratios; and covers the key aspects in economics - divided into micro and macroeconomics. It covers the basics of marketing and international business, logistics management, procurement and disposal management and law.

How to Submit Book Chapters in this Book

Send your book chapter related to management and business to 

Deadline for Submission of Book Chapter

Deadline for Submission of Book Chapter is August 15th 2019.
Authors are requested to send book chapter through mail in ms word file format. 
For more details regarding book chapters submission refer to our guidelines at
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