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Sustainable Human development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In this regards the practice and research in Psychology provides culturally appropriate Psychological Science, Interventions, behavioural approaches and the Environment for Sustainable Human Development in Sports, Organizations and Community Health. This conference provides a critical platform to the ideas and work emerging from for learners, practitioners, educators of Psychology to seek the ways are fostered and Sustainable Human Development within Sports, Organizations and Community Health contexts, through process of knowledge production.
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*      This conference provides a critical platform to the ideas and work emerging from for learners, practitioners, educators of Psychology to seek the ways are fostered and Sustainable Human Development within Sports, Organizations and Community Health contexts, through process of knowledge production.
*      We are interested in exploring and showcasing scholastics, activism, practice, and basic academic commitment, from around the globe that tries to bring about sustainability, inclusivity, and wellbeing for all through Psychological Contributions.
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The event goes for bringing a broad assortment of Psychology specialists running from standard Psychologists to for the most part abnormal study of mind, behaviourism and so on and moreover put something an excellent highlight at Educating and illuminating psychology specialists with the latest information of marketing methods that can be associated with counter the undervaluation psychology practices face. Psychological contribute to Sustainable Human Development in Sports, Organizations and Community Health, is a generally recent issue. One manner by which psychology is important, is its application to fix a portion of the drop out of unsustainable human development e.g., disaster relief and psychological versatility building in the wake of cataclysmic events realized by man-made environmental change, or strife decrease through peaceful correspondence, injury interventions and harmony building in the wake of contentions between ethnic gatherings or over extraction of assets. Another noteworthy way psychology can be applicable is as an indicator of unsustainable human development. Health is at the focal point of sustainable human development and a general public is unsustainable if its monetary and social frameworks and institutions are compromising mental just as physical health. A diminishing in prosperity, for example, rising rates of pressure related issue, melancholy and suicide, dementias, perpetual insomnia, consideration shortfall and momentary memory issues, all point to unhealthy and in the long haul, unsustainable parts of the earth, particularly for youth 

The Conference is simply the perfect way to deal with place assets into yourself and your occupation. Get inspiration and a fresh viewpoint from the imperativeness of your partners as you submerge yourself in instructive learning sessions drove by a bit of the business' most brilliant, most inventive characters who will outfit you with information about the key drivers of fundamental business limits, answers for legitimate challenges, and methods and vital ideas with quantifiable outcomes.
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V. P. S. P. M. S. Arts, Commerce & Science College, Kannad, Hivarkheda – Gautala Road, Tq. Kannad, Dist Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 431103
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Welcome to V. P. S. P. M. S. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Kannad. This college is started with the Nobel aim of spreading light of knowledge to the rural hilly economically backward class students of this area. This area has sizable number of tribal students. The college provides quality educations to the socially backward class students. The college has 10 acres of land with beautiful natural ambience. We cater according to the need of students in the era of globalization. The college arranges various programmes and activities for all round personality developments of the students. The college emphasizes on computer education, science & English language. College imparts update knowledge to the students by providing internet facility, library books & magazines. Our college interacts with people from all walks of the life. It has become leading institute imparting education.
Kannad city is located in Kannad Taluka, in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state, India. It is located 56 KM towards North from District head quarters Aurangabad. 
Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary is located within its borders. Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary is a protected area of Maharashtra state, India. It lies in the Satmala and Ajantha hill ranges of the Western Ghats, and administratively is in Aurangabad District and Jalgaon District. The wildlife sanctuary was established in 1986 in an existing reserved forest area. Its name comes the nearby village of Gautala, which was itself named after Gautam Rishi, a Hindu ascetic mentioned in the Ramcharitmanas.
v Pitalkhora Caves located 20 km away from Kannad. The Pitalkhora Caves, in the Satamala range of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India, are an ancient Buddhist site consisting of 14 rock-cut cave monuments which date back to the third century BCE, making them one of the earliest examples of rock-cut architecture in India.
v Ellora Caves located 30 km away from Kannad. Ellora is a World Heritage Site located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world, featuring Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monuments, and artwork, dating from the 600–1000 CE period.
v Grishneshwar Temple, sometimes referred to as the Ghrneshwar or Dhushmeshwar temple, is one of the shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva that is referenced in the Shiva Purana. The word Ghrneshwara means "lord of compassion". The temple is an important pilgrimage site in the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, which considers it as the last or twelfth Jyotirlinga (linga of light). This pilgrimage site is located in Ellora (also called Verul), less than a kilometer from Ellora Caves. It is about 30 km away from Kannad,
v Ajanta Caves located 98 km away from Kannad. The Ajanta Caves are rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India. The caves include paintings and rock-cut sculptures described as among the finest surviving examples of ancient Indian art, particularly expressive paintings that present emotion through gesture, pose and form.
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Kannad town is reachable from Aurangabad and Chalisgaon Rail Way Station. Distance between Aurangabad to Kannad is 56 km by road and Chalisgaon to Kannad is 34 km by road
The convenient and fastest way for people who came through South Central Railway zone i.e. Aurangabad Railway Station may get the MSRTC Bus from the Central Bus Stand Aurangabad to reach Kannad City.  

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Ø  Sports and Mental Health
Ø  Anxiety or Energy Management
Ø  Attention and Concentration Control (focusing)
Ø  Imagery, Visualization, Self-talk & Mental Practice
Ø  Goal Setting, Team Building
Ø  Time Management/Organization
Ø  Organizational Behaviour
Ø  Personal Management in Organization
Ø  Conflict and Communication in Organizations
Ø  Leadership in Sports, Organizations and Community
Ø  Interpersonal Relationship in Sports, Organizations and Community
Ø  Diversity related to interpersonal relation
Ø  Conflict and Communication in Organizations
Ø  Motivation and human behaviour
Ø  Yoga & Meditation
Ø  Community mental health
Ø  Stressful aspects of sports, community and organizational environments
Ø  Stressful life events in sports, community and organizational environments
Ø  Attitude and Values in sports, Organizations and community
Ø  Community Based Intervention
Ø  Psychological sense of community
Ø  Preventative strategy in social and mental health
Ø  Support systems and community mental health
Ø  Community experimentation
Ø  Culture and Community Psychology 
Ø Capacity building in sports, Organizations and community
Ø  Community health and wellbeing
Ø  Sustainable communities 
Ø  Prevention in substance abuse, delinquency
Ø  Building relationships between individuals and community groups
Ø  Social Ecological Thinking to Community Psychology
Ø  Positioning the Critical in Community Psychology
Ø  Feminism and Community Psychology
Ø  Community Psychology in the Policy Arena
Ø  Policy of Government in Psycho-Social and its Implication.
Ø  Emerging Global Trends in Life Span Development Child Care
Ø  Perspectives of Community Development
Ø  Home Science/ Home Economics towards Young India
Ø   Public health, Nutrition and Food Safety
Ø  Issues and challenges of contemporary families
Ø  Ascertaining quality care in early childhood
Ø  Innovative strategies for promoting family and community well- being
Ø  Home Science for sustainable human development
Ø   Community mobilization and gender sensitization
Ø  Ergonomics and drudgery reduction
Ø  Emerging trends in Home Science/ Home Economics
Ø  Community Health Problems related to sanitation, environment, personal hygiene & pollution
Ø  Community Health and nutritional education
Ø  Nutritional problems of the community and its remedies
Ø  Health needs of special groups – women, infants, children and adolescents
Ø  Community nutrition and health problems

October 25th, 2019
Abstracts Submission Deadline
October 31st, 2019
Notification Regarding Acceptance of Abstracts Submission
November 15th, 2019
Final Paper Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline
December 20-21, 2019
Conference Dates
December 20th, 2019
Conference Opening ceremony
December 21st, 2019
Conference Closing ceremony
Abstracts for oral presentations, posters, and symposia may be submitted only electronically using the Scientific Committee at email address