Say Goodbye To Exam Phobia

Say Goodbye To Exam Phobia

Exams - Oh it's really annoying for many kids. Parents think it would be a strategy to evaluate their kid’s performance or to monitor their growth level. But under any circumstances, it should be nevertheless a burden to a kid. It’s okay for them to be lazy (but not all the time), As a parent, I would suggest you to handle your kids in a way they can share their feelings or they don't want to hide anything from you. While handling your kids don't be a parent all the time or don't be rude to them, you can eventually spend time with them while playing or while sharing your breakfast or dinner. I can hear your thoughts “I am already held up with my office work, then how should I need to take care of these things”. 
First have it in your mind whatever earnings or how many pence you earn is only for your kids not for anyone and the important thing is “You can't buy the Time” once the time is wasted then it can't be brought back, so as a parent it is your responsibility to allocate your time accordingly top your kids, this can leads a great way to avoid all the phobias they are getting during their exams.

Having a proper diet before your exam or while preparing for your exam matters the most. Try to have more fruits and avoid the foods which don't suit you, since it might cause diarrhea, nausea, headaches and etc, makes you feel so sick. Please don't force them to have more food since it might cause them to feel sleepy during exams. Try to give them more protein-rich foods, ask them to munch on healthy snacks like dried fruits, cereals, and pulses. Avoid taking more oily foods.

More Liquids:
Keeping yourself hydrated is an important thing while preparing yourself for the exam. Try to have more water and liquids juices, this can help to maintain your diet level and make your feel light without dieting. Some may feel like nausea before their exam since they would have prepared a lot for their exam, they lack their sleep level, so in these cases, its better to avoid having heavy breakfast- fruit juice or a glass of milkshake would be very fine to have, without collapsing yourself.

Proper Sleep:
The day before or a few days before the exam creates a lot of pressure on all those who were facing that, it's quite common for everyone to face that stress. But getting proper sleep is the only way to handle that. Without proper sleep, you will be feeling restless all the time and this itself creates a kind of pressure for yourself. Even this plays a major role in your kid's digestion process, so ensure that they get a regular sleep in their exam times.

Play Hours:
Kindly monitor their playtimes, don't be very strict but try to engage them more with the indoor games, try to keep them away from video games & mobile phones. Try to schedule a time for their gadget usage. Most probably try to avoid the outdoor games, since there are more chances for them to get hurt or with the climatic changes they can even fall sick. So it's better to allocate the timings if you find the time you can too indulge in their activity.

Handling Stress:
Stress is very common for the kids, even if it is very stressful for their parents too. Kids just need encouragement & guidance from you. Understand! every kid is different, so setting up a target blindly sometimes creates more stress for you both. So don't trouble or put yourself in a problematic situation and be more stressed. Be cool, sit with them, help them in the place where they are struggling, motivate them.

Anxiety Level:
Don't be afraid of getting poor marks, you can try to give your best. Try to focus on the topics before the exam schedule, this can reduce your burden on the exam timings. Take a deep breath, this makes you feel relaxed.

No parents will be rude to their kids, but sometimes it’s nature to be strict with their kids for their activity, this is mainly because to ensure their obedience, their wellness and fixing up a good career path. The other main hurdle is, if you found out your baby is lying to you, then it is a call for you and you just need to take some diversion in your parenting activity.