Classroom Management to Turn Parents into Partners

Many teachers believe that the key to the proverbial educational castle is parental involvement. In theory, teachers strive to include parents at every step of the educational process; but in reality, many “Don’t take the necessary classroom management steps to reach out to parents and make them partners in their children’s education,” says frequent contributing writer Jordan Catapano.

Jordan, who is a veteran high school English teacher based in the Chicago suburbs, today investigates someclassroom management methods to build partnerships with your students’ families.

Jordan’s ideas include:

  • Class Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Invite Parents In
  • And More!

Jordan sums up his article like this: “Overall, schools and parents share the same goals. They have powerful common values that bring them together. Consider to what extent you and your school are partnering with families around these common values, and look for your next step to leveraging those relationships even further.”
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