Short Article on 'Caring for a pet Snake' (156 Words)

Snakes are beautiful animals, and nothing compares to their graceful, lithe movements or the feel of their smooth, dry scales. Snakes as pets have a number of advantages over other more popular animals.

Snakes don't have fur, hence they make great pets for animal enthusiasts who are allergic to animal fur. Many snakes only need to be fed once or twice a month, making them low-maintenance pets. They are quiet and thus a real blessing for anyone living in an apartment. Also, they don't require outdoor excursions.

Snakes require specific living conditions and food in order to thrive. Any simple wooden box will do to house a pet snake. Snakes do not need much room. It should be big enough to slither around in.

Snakes shed their skin approximately every 3 months, during this time, snake may need extra water in its water bowl to soak in. When a snake gets ill, it's usually best to turn it loose.