The Teaching Profession: What to Tell a Struggling New Educator

We all remember the early days of our time in the teaching profession, the trials and errors, the triumphs and tragedies, and those times when we perhaps relied on more seasoned teachers to offer up some positive words of encouragement,

Today on, we take a look at some words of encouragement about the teaching profession that you might share with younger, newer colleagues who might be struggling.

Penned by Jordan Catapano, who is a seasoned English teacher based in the Chicago suburbs, the article points out specifics of what to verbally pass along, including:

  • “It gets better”
  • “Here’s something simple to try”
  •  “Come and watch my class”
  • “What would you do next time?”
  • And More!

In summation, Jordan notes: “Teaching is no doubt a rewarding though challenging profession. While all teachers have lots of opportunity to learn year after year, our newest teachers are the ones who face many of the most intense pressures. As veterans, let’s not leave our new teachers to sink or swim on their own. We’re all in this together.”

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