5 Negative Thoughts After College Graduation and How to Deal With Them

An ancient Chinese curse says: ‘May you live in interesting times’, where interesting times are the times of changes. So, your last year in college is over, you received your diploma and went through the cap throwing. What’s next? Interesting times, indeed. You are staying at the edge of a completely new life.
It might seem scary or terrifying. But don’t let the depressing thoughts take over you. We have listed some of the worries you might be going through right now and how to deal with them.

#1. I’ll never manage to pay out my student’s loan

It might happen, that you never took student loans seriously until now. They just didn’t seem to be the real money, but it only lasts until you do the calculations. The numbers may put you down.
What to do?
Try to stay calm. You are not the only person to go through this all. There have been thousands of young people before you, and many more will come after. Speaking of people before you… Why won’t you ask for a piece of advice?

#2. Without experience I won’t find a decent job

The time has come and the first thing you need to do is to write your first CV and Cover Letter. And here you are, sitting in front of a blank page struggling, with no idea where to start. And yeah, it is hard to do something you have never done before.
Just do it.
Imagine your perfect workplace and the ideal position you want to get. Answer the question: what kind of employee this company will look for? With that image in mind writing your CV and Cover Letter won’t be that challenging. Also, check for resume samples, they are not hard to find. Filter your search request with a position. After you complete writing, don’t forget to proofread your resume. Not a single employer would like grammar mistakes, especially when your CV says “detail oriented”.

#3. No recruiter will say that I’m a good candidate

You have sent your CV to a number of companies, and one (or few) of them got interested in you. Great! But after a short moment of excitement, fear comes. Will you be able to handle your nerves? Won’t you screw it all up? Won’t you be embarrassed? Will you get a job? All these thoughts are chasing every young person on the way to their first job.
How to handle it?
The secret of a successful job interview is based on honesty, confidence and positive attitude. Small secret – set up your interview in morning hours. So the worries won’t follow you all day long. Be well-prepared: search for the information about the company, its clients, and the interviewer. Have a good sleep and breakfast. If it is your very first job interview, look for some tips on how to improve your personality traits or how to go through the job interview successfully.

#4. Moving back to parents? Great. Exactly what I’ve studied for

After living on your own in college, it might be frustrating to go back home and feel yourself like a teenager again. Especially when you go through all these debts calculations and job interviews. It may feel not quite right. You are supposed to be an adult after graduation, so why do you have to tell your mom when are you about to come back home?
Take advantage of it!
If for some reason you have to move back with your parents, don’t get desperate. It may serve you well. Your parents are always on your side and will support you, no matter what happens. So, while you are having ‘interesting times’, why won’t you benefit from their help? Still, do not make it your routine. Plan your future. How long will you stay with them? Create a deadline for yourself, for you definitely don’t want to find yourself living with your parents at your 30.

#5. My friends are far more successful and happier then me. Hate them.

Caught yourself being envy to your friend’s success? Their Instagrams and Facebook pages are filled with #lovemyjob and #whataparty hashtags? It makes you feel yourself a complete looser?
You are not!
Life is something that happens while you upload a new picture to Social Media. Young people nowadays are masters in creating a great image of themselves all over the Internet. Don’t be jealous. Their life may be as boring as yours seems to you. Compare yourself only to yourself and get better every day. This is the only way to be happy.

Summing up

Negative thoughts are chasing everybody in this crazy world. People are getting new worries and concerns every day. No wonder you have them too, especially when going through the period of major changes.
But remember the old Chinese proverb? “If your problem has a solution then…why worry about it? If your problem doesn’t have a solution then…why worry about it?”