7 Clever Ways to Improve Your Job Search Tactics

Looking for a job, even a summer job, is nothing like it was 20 years ago. Back then, you had a couple of options. You could go to your local unemployment office to see the job postings (later there was a hotline to call instead of having to go in), or you could hit the bricks and start knocking on the doors of every business in town until you found one that was hiring. Today we are going to look at seven clever ways to improve your job search tactics.
  • Use the Right Job Boards – You may be using job boards, but are you using them right? There are hundreds of job boards you can use, but not all of them are going to be right for your situation. For instance, if you are a student, you aren’t going to be looking at job boards that require you to have a master’s degree. You will have to do a bit of research to make sure that you are only using the job boards that are going to be useful to you.
  • Do Your Research – Your research skills are going to come in pretty handy now that you are trying to find a job. Not only are you going to need these skills for many types of jobs you may be interested in, you will need research skills in order to find a job. Your research could involve looking into different careers based on your education and skills, or researching the companies you are interested in applying to. Also, look into resume templates and other tools to make your resume look appealing to the potential employers.
  • Use Automatic Jobs Feeds – It is a good idea to sign up for Google Alerts or other services that are similar in order to track employers, job opportunities, etc. You can set things up so that you get alerts about jobs that interest you and fall into your specific skillset. Doing this can also help to prepare you for interviews, since you can follow target employers, learn what jobs they are offering, see how they are growing, etc.
  • Take Advantage of Social Media – One way that many people are getting jobs is by using their social media profiles. But, you need to make sure that there is nothing on your profile that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. So, start cleaning it up. Change your profile photo to a nice headshot. Get rid of the party photos, and don’t make posts that may be seen as inappropriate by employers and others. The more you clean up your profiles, the more you can use social media as an important job search tool.
  • Start Using LinkedIn – These days, you really do need to have a LinkedIn profile in order to find a great job. Many employers are going to look for your profile as soon as you send them a resume. So, you not only need to have an account, you need to have an active Start contacting those who have influence in the business world, particularly in the area you want to be working in. Get connected with industry experts, and possible future employers.
  • Stop Wasting Time – You might think that because you are applying for every job you see that you are not wasting time. But, if those jobs aren’t in the field that you really want to work in, you are wasting time, because you could be applying for other jobs that you really want. Also, don’t network blindly. Look for people who are going to be able to help you get ahead and advance in your career, and who are working in the field that you are interested in.