How To Get That Interview And Land The Job

Get That Interview And Land The Job
Do you feel as though you’re great on paper, but you’re not able to get past the application stage of the job search process? It’s not about your experience, but the approaches you’re taking when looking for work. Here’s how you can optimize your job seeking process and get that interview.

Take advantage of applicant tracking systems

Many companies now use applicant tracking systems to whittle down the applicants for interview automatically. These systems use keywords and look for them in your application. If they can’t find enough instances of them, your application is instantly rejected. Determine what they keywords may be, and make sure you use them.

Don’t be too picky

Students who have just graduated, or people looking to switch career, are often stuck in the trap of looking for the perfect job. The problem is, it doesn’t exist. The roles you’re applying for will never be able to meet every single thing you require of them. If you understand that when you’re applying, you’re much more likely to be able to adapt to the roles at hand.

Take your time

Don’t rush an application. Take your time and research the company you’re applying to. Take care in the writing of your CV and covering letter. If you plan in advance, you can put a lot more care and attention into what you write.

Don’t ignore temporary jobs

Temp jobs may feel like a step back when you’re job hunting, but in fact, you’re much better off in a temp job than unemployed. If you have large gaps in your CV, then you’ll have to explain them to any recruiter who asks. If you’ve been temping though, you can show that you’ve been active in working, even if it’s just temping, while you’ve been looking for a better role. Some companies will hire their temps on permanently if they’re good, so it’s worth making a good impression while you’re there.

Get your foot in the door

Before getting that perfect role, you need to get your foot in the door. Don’t focus too much on the role itself, if it’s with the right industry or company. Instead, just get in here and then focus on working your way up the ladder. You have the opportunity to really show what you’re made of, so use it.

Tools to help you get that job

– Resumention: These writers will happily work with you in order to get your CV looking perfect.
– 5 Ways To Create A Truly Memorable Resume: This guide has some highly useful technical tips to help you put your CV together before you apply.
– PaperFellows: If you struggle with grammar, this is a writing community to turn to. Users can suggest you how to correct the grammar in an existing CV, or help you with writing a new one.
– 10 Resume Building Tools And Services: These tools can be very helpful in the CV writing and application process, and so are worth checking out.
– Resume Genius: This website has a whole host of resume templates to choose from, so you have a good base to start writing from.
– EasyWordCount: If you’re struggling to proofread, or you don’t have time to get it done, use this online tool. It will highlight the misspells in your CV.
To get that interview, it just takes a slight readjustment of expectations and a different approach to what you’re doing. Take this advice and you’ll soon be getting the interviews you need. You’ll get that job in no time.