MERIT Microenterprise Program

Have a business idea, but don’t know where to start?

You’ve been thinking about starting a business and you’d really like to work for yourself. You want more control over your work hours and environment and you’d like your work to fit into your life.
The problem is you’re not sure if your idea makes sense or if it will work.
If you haven’t done this before, you have nothing to compare it to. You may know people who think your idea is amazing. You might know others who think you’re crazy to start a business right now. You’re just not sure what to do next.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you exactly how to proceed?

What you need to do is take the focus off of your business idea and focus on you. You may not yet have enough information to just jump in and go. However, information and resources are readily available that will help you make a great decision. You don’t need to feel so unprepared or anxious.

We can help.

We can help you figure out if your idea will work. In fact, we’ve helped over 500 people decide if starting a business was right for them. Many of them are in business today because they gained confidence in themselves and their business idea. They also took advantage of the tools and information that MERIT provides.

Would you like to know more?

MERIT provides you with practical steps to start a successful business.
The first step is to read more about the MERIT program and see if it’s right for you by going to MERIT’s website and watching the online orientation. To go to MERIT’s website, click here.
For more information, contact –
Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry
Small Business Development Center
626 High Street NE, Suite 210
Salem, OR 97301