Three Reasons To Be Excited to Go Back to School as an Adult

Back to school used to mean new notebooks, a new set of crayons and maybe a new back pack. But for the 37 million Americans with some credit but no degree, going back to school can mean anxiety, fear and worry. Adults are filling out applications for college at a growing rate for a lot of reasons and many of them are finding there’s no reason to fear hitting the books. Plus, there are a number of payoffs to finally earning that degree.
That’s not to say college is all happy times and stress-free living. Anyone who is going back to school needs to seriously consider the financial and time investment school takes. Thinking about the decision to go back to school and how it will affect your (and your family’s) life is important. Yet, there are a lot of reasons to go back to school as an adult.
Increase in pay and opportunities
Several reports and studies show that people who get a college degree are better at career management because they earn more over their lifetime and are less likely to find themselves unemployed than people with lower levels of educational attainment. A college degree isn’t a guarantee of more money and opportunities but it certainly helps. Plus, as an adult with working experience, employers may consider you more employable than someone who has never been part of the workforce.
More committed
When you’re going to school for yourself, your family or to advance your career you are often more committed to school than a typical student. Use that commitment to excel in your degree program. Going to college as an adult is about investing in yourself and achieving what you know is possible.
First step toward change
Filling out that application for college and going back to school can represent changes both big and small. Your schedule certainly will change as you work in class assignments and studying. Your priorities might even change. But the biggest change is you are taking a step toward improving your life. That may mean fulfilling a long-standing goal to go back to school, earning a degree to get that promotion that’s been out of reach or getting the skills needed to completely change career fields. Whatever your reason may be, this is an exciting time in your life and you should embrace it!
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