Bring Play into the Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards have been tagged as being complicated, overly dogmatic, and inconsequential, among other things. The Common Core State Standards have never, to our knowledge, been lumped in with anything “fun.”

But today on, regular writer Janelle Cox asserts that despite the Standards’ stodgy reputation, elements of “play” can still make their way into a Common Core State Standards-based classroom.

Some ideas:

  • Create Learning Stations
  • Have a Fun Friday
  • Create Choice Boards

How do you incorporate play into your Common Core Classroom? Do you have any fun ideas that you would like to share? 

Teaching Strategies: 4 Fun Winter Recess Ideas

Elsewhere on today, writer David Reeves notes that even with winterlike conditions currently blanketing much of the country, kids still need to get out and enjoy an outdoor recess break.

Are you stumped as to how to pull that off? Rest easy! David offers up some great ideas for getting the children outside during school hours, including:

  • Find an Indoor Space for Active Play
  • Bring Recess into the Classroom
  • Take a Winter Nature Walk

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