Classroom Management: Handling Sensitive TopicsClassroom Management: Handling Sensitive Topics

Classroom discussions (and the curriculum that incites them) often revolve around issues like race, gender, sexuality, politics, and class.

However, many teachers have been trained to leave those sorts of topics out of the classroom, to let the students make up their own minds about such sensitive issues.

Today, frequent contributor Jordan Catapano, also an English teacher in a Chicago suburb, intones that there is an inevitable intersection between those hot-button issues and the way they pervade subjects like literature and history.

Jordan also offers up some useful advice for teachers to approach such issues, including:

  • Offering no teacher opinions
  • Creating class guidelines
  • Keep parents informed
  • And more!

Remember, the value in approaching such subjects lies in creating an informed student perspective.

How do you approach more sensitive topics in your classroom?

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Mistakes on School Websites You Must Avoid at All Costs
A school website acts a conduit between that institution and its students and their parents (even grandparents). Therefore, it’s imperative that a school have a living and breathing website that is easy to navigate, among other things.

Recentlyon, guest contributor Matt Harrell examined the five most-common school website mistakes, including:

    Outdated Technology
    No Testimonials
    Too Much Text

What nervewracking things on school websites drive you crazy?