Classroom Management: Using Gaming Elements

Educators should take cues from video game designers and incorporate some of the bells and whistles that designers use to energize their classes, according to frequent contributor Janelle Cox.

Janelle’s article today outlines several ways that teachers can employ tactics of gamification, or using the principles of gaming to motivate and engage students.

Some ways that teachers can use gamification include:

  • Have a Clear Goal.
  • Recognize Achievement with Badges.
  • Scaffolding Progress.

What do you think about gamification? Do you use gamification elements in your classroom?

Classroom Activities for Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Mart, or NaNoWriMo. It’s a month when potential book authors are encouraged to pen an entire book (at least 50,000 words).

It’s the perfect time for English teachers to explore and encourage longer-form composition pieces, and today on, frequent contributor Jordan Catapano outlines several ways that teachers can increase their class’ interest in NaNoWriM, including:

  • Bring in juice and treats.
  • Encourage students to share their works-in-progress aloud.
  • Work in a computer lab or bring laptops into your classroom if possible; if not, have a safe way for students to store their paper copies so nothing is lost.
  • Create your own system of rewards and milestones. My suggestion would be to go with badges.

TeachHUB’s Anti-Bullying Resources

Meanwhile, remember that is a go-to resource when looking for anti-bullying material. Here are some evergreen resources we’ve compiled over the years:

Did you know that TeachHUB’s in-service professional development program can include an anti-bullying focus?  

In a TeachHUB in-service day, teachers will participate in various anti-bullying activities and learn strategies they can use to help prevent and intervene with bullying behavior and participate in modeled exercises to create self-awareness within a child.

Teachers will learn how other educators are encouraging anti-bullying behavior in and outside of the classroom across the country.

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