Our Primer on Inquiry-Based Learning

You might have heard the recent buzzwords “Inquiry-based learning.” You might also be asking, “What is inquiry-based learning, and how can I implement it in my classroom?”

Today on teachHUB.com, frequent contributor Janelle Cox answers these common questions and more.

Basically, inquiry-based learning is a teaching strategy that emphasizes (and encourages) the importance of students asking questions. After all, learning is all about answers and the journey to finding those answers, right?

Janelle offers up several types of questions that students can be prompted to ask in class, and stresses the importance of this effective educational technique. For those not familiar with inquiry-based learning, today’s article is an extremely effective overview of this groundbreaking classroom method

Do you use inquiry-based learning in your classroom? What do you think of this approach?

December Bulletin Board Bonanza

Consistently one of our most popular seasonal stories, this article encourages educators to think outside the box and create some fun, holiday appropriate ideas to dress up your classroom’s bulletin board thematically.

Some fresh ideas include:

  • Penguin Sledding Book Bulletin Board
  • Snowboarding Santa Door Display
  • Holidays Recycled Door Decoration
  • And more!

What seasonal bulletin board ideas have worked fro you throughout the years?

22 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Classroom

Teachers are constantly looking for ways to add “rigor” to their curriculums, and we recently set out to educate viewers on how to do just that.

Frequent TeachHUB contributor Jacqui Murray intones that adding rigor creates an environment where students are:
Expected to learn at high levels.
Supported so they can learn at high levels.
Cheered on as they demonstrate learning at high levels.