Professional Development: It’s Connected Educator’s Month

October is Connected Educator’s Month! That means that the academic world is practicing the art of networking now – and it also means it’s the perfect time to connect with the people and professional development resources that can make you a better teacher.

We’re all busy, for sure, but you should never neglect your networking capabilities. Today, contributor Jordan Catapano offers up an overview of what you should be doing AFTER October ends to keep the proverbial networking beacon shining, including:

  • Reflect on What You’ve Gained.
  • Learn and Explore More.
  • Stick with Other Connected Teachers.

How have you gotten connected this month? How do you plan to continue being connected the rest of the year?

Teachers around the world scratch their heads this time of the year, wondering how in the world they can tie an educational activity into Halloween.

But we’re you’re favorite spooky resource for figuring out how to creatively recognize the day normally associate with trick-or-treating and petty vandalism.

The article outline above outlines activities like”

  • Spooky Story Writing
  • "War of the Worlds" Activities
  • How-to Halloween Writing

Elsewhere, is a tremendously effective website for Halloween costume ideas and more. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve posted:

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