Teaching Strategies: Notes on Being a Tough Educator

Today on TeachHUB.com, contributing writer Jordan Catapano takes a look at that rare breed of educator, the “tough” teacher. You know the type. Tough teachers:

  • Assign lots of homework.
  • Set High expectations for academic performance.
  • Refuse to let students go to the bathroom.

But “tough” teachers also know how to push kids to get them to exceed expectations. After all, a hard-hitting educator benefits his pupils the most, because in turn, tough students are created — resilient students, able to tackle any problem, or brave any criticism.

Halloween Classroom Activities for Any Grade

Always a popular article no matter the season, this perennial favorite gives teachers fun new ways to sneak in some spooky lessons and ghoulish learning.

Writing always lends itself naturally to Halloween-time activities. After all, Edgar Allen Poe was the master of horror writers that all try too emulate. Today, we offer up Spooky Story Ideas and How-to Halloween writing as ways to incorporate macabre ides.

WE also invite you to create your own legion of “mad scientists” with some Halloween-themed science lessons.Teaching human anatomy? Have students make blood as you teach about the role each one plays in the human body.

In this month’s issue of TeachHUB magazine, we take a humorous look at the “technological” innovations of yesteryear like the ditto machine. We also instruct educators on what to do when modern technology fails, and our podcast offers up valuable tips on how to get the most out of upcoming teacher conferences.

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