Teaching Strategies to Aid Your Gifted Students

For many teachers, the most difficult part of being an educator isn’t the mountains of paperwork due at the end of the semester, mastering the Common Core State Standards or even disciplining the naughty kids.

Rather, many teachers struggle with engaging the gifted students in their classes -- the ones who always seem to finish their work early and find themselves sitting idly waiting for their classmates to finish.

Today, frequent TeachHUB.com contributor Janelle Cox offers up some suggestions on how to keep the gifted students engaged throughout the school day, including:

Differentiate Instruction
Involve Parents
Allow Students to Accelerate Their Learning

And More!

Teacher Team-Building Activities

At this time of the year, it’s important that teachers maintain the good relationships they’ve worked hard to forge with their own colleagues.

As the year speeds on, though, it’s easy to let your professional relationships erode.

But we all know that staying in close contact with fellow educators is of the paramount importance. Therefore, it’s worth reading about some team-building activities you can embark upon at your next in-service session, including:

Who Am I
Six Degrees of Separation
Candy Conffessions

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