Technology in the Classroom: 5 Great Holiday Websites

It’s never too early to begin the holiday season, and today on, frequent technology in the classroom contributor Jacqui Murray takes a look at five different websites that children of all ages will get a wintertime kick out of.

If you’re a tech teacher, you’ll be able to use all five; other teachers can find the age-appropriate ones quite easily.

The subject matter varies from the 12 days of Christmas to a Santa Tracker to a Penguin-themed learning site.

Have fun!

Today, teachers instruct students on interacting with peers, listening, and resolving conflicts, among other things.

Indeed, it can be a challenge to teach kids concepts such as encouraging others, following directions, and listening actively.

In a recent article, author Janelle Cox outlined some teaching strategies that educators can use to alter their curriculum to address these fundamental skills.

Three key foundational elements Janelle laid out include teaching the social skill, practicing it, and reviewing it. She also gave distinct classroom examples on how to carry out each of those elements.

By following the teaching strategies mentioned, 21st-century educators will be better equipped to instruct their classes on the social skills they’ll need to succeed not just in the classroom, but in the workplace following graduation.

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