Technology in the Classroom: 6 Substitute Lesson Plans

Substitute teachers generally face an uphill battle: Sub lesson plans sometimes might be unclear, the students are wound up (especially this time of year), and it’s tough to perform well in a new environment.

Subbing for a technology teacher can be even more challenging. Subs might not be technologically proficient, or the computer equipment might not function properly.

Today, real-life tech teacher and frequent contributor Jacqui Murray offers up six helpful (and easy – even for technophobic teachers) lesson plans for tech teachers to employ when they are out sick – or taking time for professional development – including:

Problem-Solving Challenge
Gameshow Competition
Khan Academy
And more!

What do other teach teachers do for lesson plans when they know they’ll be out?

What Happens If We Abandon the Common Core?

Nationwide, there’s a movement afoot to dump the Common Core State Standards, that set of national benchmarks that create the opportunity for an across-the-board, agreed-upon set of college and career readiness standards.

Ideally, the Common Core allows for more data-driven educational changes that ultimately could improve student performance. The standards focus on not simply providing content to students, but helping students become more solution-oriented and able to apply concepts to real-world situations.

But a fierce backlash from administrators, teachers, parents, and even students has led to the aforementioned backlash.

But what happens if more states abandon the standards? Will academic chaos reign? Today we gaze into the crystal ball and try to predict the outcome.

What are your thoughts on the future of the Common Core?

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