The Fine Line of Giving Homework Help

Teachers are inherently helpful. Whenever an educator senses that someone needs help with something – inside or outside the classroom – you can bet that the teacher will be pitching in to assist.

But when it comes to homework, the tendency can be for teachers (or tutors for that matter) to instruct TOO MUCH – to assist to the point that the teachers are actually harming the student.

Today, Jordan Catapano, a frequent TeachHUB writer who is also an English teacher, describes the fine line that educators tow when assisting with homework help: “Helping students get to a point of independence takes time and experimentation as educators, and we just might find that each student needs their own unique degree of attention before their completely comfortable spreading their wings and soaring.”

What do you think? Is there a point where too much help stops being helpful? How do you encourage independence in your students?

The Anti-Bullying Classroom: Advice for Educators

Recently, we visited with anti-bullying activist Jodee Blanco, author of “Please Stop Laughing at Us.” Jodee offered up 10 tips for teachers dealing with bullies, including:

Get backup
Be a friend
Use compassionate punishment
And more!

How do you prevent bullying in your classroom?

Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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