The First Day of School in a Whole New World

Today on, noted blogger Myree Conway takes a look at an idyllic, make-believe, magical school where “The pleasant aroma of freshly baked cookies coffee would waft from the teachers’ lounge, where your colleagues would be working harmoniously side-by-side as perfect-pitched, singing butterflies gently hovered over their heads.”

It’s a fantasy, of course, and Myree quickly segues to the harsh realities she’s facing, including the lack of professional development opportunities available to her and other teachers working in cash-strapped districts.

Lastly, Myree encourages her fellow educational colleagues to band together as a team. “Know that we are all in this together and we’re fighting the good fight.”

Teaching Strategies & The Value of Self-Reflection

Elsewhere on today, frequent contributor Janelle Cox encourages her fellow educators to embark upon the process of self-reflection, and she spells out how that activity can impact a classroom.

Janelle notes that the beginning process of self-reflection begins with figuring out ways to collect information about the effectiveness of your teaching, including:

Start a Self-Reflective Journal
Video-Record Yourself Teaching
Have Students Observe You

Self-reflection is a technique that can measure your teaching, and you should strive to use it whenever you can. By next year, you’ll have a much better wider toolkit to pull from when it’s time to teach the next gang of students.

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