The Magic Phrase as a Teaching Strategy

All too often, educators fall into a rut of “Don’ts” when attempting to carry out a lesson plan: “Don’t use commas there. Don’t bore your audience with that intro. Don’t settle for a three-point thesis. Don’t use that quotation there.”

But veteran teacher and frequent contributor Jordan Catapano notes that a better way to achieve the desired outcome is to use the phrase “next time” when providing feedback: “Don’t write a generic introduction, write a personal story next time. Don’t put commas there, but use Comma Rule #3 we discussed in class next time. Don’t shout out the answer, but please raise your hand when you think of something next time and I’ll call on you.”

Catapano intones that by giving students a solid idea of what their next behavior expectation is, they will have something definitive to strive toward.

How to Stay Motivated as a Teacher

The role of a teacher now includes the teacher being a mother, nurse and coach, roles for which many teachers have had little instruction. So it’s no secret that teachers are burning out more than ever before.

With a little bit of encouragement, however, some teachers are learning how to stay motivated and productive throughout the course of their careers.

Today, writer Janelle Cox takes a look at some various ways that educators can learn how to stay motivated, including:

  • Value Each and Every Teacher
  • Give Teachers a Voice
  • Consider Teachers’ Needs

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