Top 5 Teaching Strategies

The best teachers are always looking to employ the latest teaching strategies – but some of those tactics are classics that have worked effectively in the classroom for years.

Janelle Cox, one of’s go-to writing resources for teaching strategies, today outlines her top 5 educational methods to keep students motivated and engaged. A sampling:

  • Inquiry-based instruction
  • Graphic organizers
  • Using technology in the classroom

Janelle notes that not all of her tried-and-true methods will work perfectly for every educator, but she encourages teachers to seek out the ones that work best.

What are your top 5 teaching strategies to use in the classroom? Do you have a favorite that works well in your classroom?

Activities to Develop Students' Spelling Skills

In this era of spellcheck, it’s easy to gloss over the importance of spelling in the classroom. But all teachers know the importance of accurate spelling acumen and how it affects the mastery of the English language.

Earlier this year writer Janelle Cox outlined some new spelling mastery activities that will help your kids enrich their phonemic awareness skills, which will in turn help them learn to spell. These tactics included:

  • Go on a word hunt
  • Roll the dice
  • Create a story

Janelle also noted that practicing spelling in the for of repetition is a key to mastering the art of that skill.

Do you have any tips or activities to help students develop their spelling skills?

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