Yoga Pants & the School Dress Code

Dress code debates and figuring out acceptable attire have been around since the invention of school. Today, fashionable female students are donning Yoga pants, those tight, form-fitting-yet-comfy piece of apparel that pushes the boundaries of the school dress code in many districts.

In many circles, Yoga pants, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, and the like are viewed as being distracting to male students, a point that is well-taken by many in the education field.

Still others argue that “dictating that young women change their appearance because they are ‘distracting’ men inherently objectifies them, and it teaches girls to be ashamed of their bodies.”

So the debate rages on. Today on, frequent contributor Jordan Catapano (also a high school English teacher) points out the arguments on both sides of the pantleg (his joke) in a great think piece that will get you to respect both debate teams. Check it out – it’s an excellent school dress code op-ed article.

What do you think about banning yoga pants, leggings, and the like in schools?

Google for Teachers: 100+ Tricks

An article on Google for teachers is presently trending on, and in it we outline we point out various ways that teachers can save valuable time when researching their next technology in the classroom-related project.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Find a term in a URL
  • Search for a specific file type
  • Google scholar
  • Collaborate on group projects
  • Send invitations
  • Consolidate e-mail accounts
  • Add events from Gmail
  • Use the Chrome shortcuts
  • Go incognito
  • And more!

 How do you use Google in the classroom? How do you use other technology in the classroom? How are you integrating technology in the classroom?