Reasons undeniable

This time of our life is very much difficult, such a pause in our fast pacing life was never expected. This pandemic has surely changed our lives, it is testing our will power and strength. Everyday watching the numbers of Corona cases just increasing develops a sense of fear in everyone. More heart drenching is to see the policemen , doctors and sanitation workers doing their job and not getting the respect they deserve. There are many journalist working on the ground to give us the visuals of the grave realities . The crematorium are filled with dead bodies of people who died due to corona, many of these bodies are unidentifiable. There are many people who are dying because of the effects of lockdown which is imposed because of the Corona pandemic. You may have noticed that I have now started sounding like the news reporters, what to do this is ought to happen.

Maharashtra has today crossed the one lakh mark  for the overall number of cases and I am afraid as you complete reading this article many more cases will be added, so I have decided, rather than getting upset all over again lets analyse why Maharashtra  has the most number of cases.

  1.  Population density - Mumbai which is the capital of Maharashtra is said to be the city of dreams. people come here in search of jobs and other opportunities  surely Mumbai  doesn't  break the expectations for most of them.  It is third most dense place in the world , out of  all the statistics and numbers you can actually feel  this while just travelling  in a local train in the working hours . Mumbaikars have a saying that if a person could reach to their destination by  travelling in a crowded train safely he/she can overcome any challenge in life. Talking about the numbers the population density is 32,500 per square kilometre  that means  nearly 33 people in one metre square area, and corona is a disease with high transmissibility  and in such a case people in Mumbai are at higher risks of getting infected.
  2. Number of tests - Its observed that Maharashtra is taking 10,000 tests every day, which is more than what is taken in other states. More number of tests means probability of more number of cases to be positive. This testing rates were  subsequently increased when corona positive cases were discovered in Dharavi, which is the most densely  populated area of Maharashtra .
  3.  Lack of healthcare facilities-  99% of  ICU beds in all the hospitals have been engaged, and on the other hand number of corona cases is increasing exponentially day by  day.  Though the recovery rate is high but it doesn't come even near to number of cases being added every day. As the doctors and nurses are not provided with proper safety equipment these doctors also test positive for corona. 
  4. Negligence by the public - yes I don't see any social distancing being followed in my area, people are walking without masks and I can also see a group of middle aged women forming a group and  chattering . The other day, I saw in the news that  large number of people came out of their home , to take a walk in the marine drive area nor did they  follow any social distancing or neither any preventive measures were taken. These acts of negligence shown by an educated public is just not acceptable.

Lets face it, this is a very crucial time and  opening of lockdown does not mean corona virus is vanished . If we don't follow  preventive measures we will never be able to reach the time where all this virus is disappeared. Researchers do need time to develop the medicine or vaccine and we should give them that. Honestly if  we come out of this pandemic alive that itself would  be a very big achievement and lets pray that we all get to be successful.