Newspaper which was mainly the source of information and communication even at the beginning of 20th century has now become a big and profitable industry. From a vehicle of social change, it has become a machinery to make profit and holding a firm and highly protected position in the business world. In a business organisation, when a person invests money and also must get a larger return. Therefore, a newspaper when it borrows money from the market or from any financial institution must plan for a surplus return. Thus a newspaper organisation has a commercial outlook to make his business a profitable one. 

Newspapers being a socio-economic system has a duty to look after the welfare of public. The newspaper manager should look after the public as well as the technical side of the paper making. Every person in this society has a right to right to know the facts about the surrounding, the country and the world too. The right to get information correctly makes a man read a newspaper where fairness, objectivity, accuracy and comprehensiveness of news are expected from the publication. 

The same expectation is applicable to other news media also. The credibility of media establishes a rapport between the publisher and the consumer. Besides disseminating news and information, the views and editorials of a newspaper helps to form a public opinion, henceforth taking part in social information directly or indirectly.