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Pima Community College is a comprehensive two-year institution serving students and employers throughout Pima County in Arizona and beyond. We welcome everyone striving to achieve a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

Students have access to a broad range of high quality programs that prepare them with the skills needed by today’s employers and to transfer successfully into four-year programs. Students benefit from Pima’s lower tuition costs and thrive at the highest levels once they transfer.

Pima is in rapid transition to a high-tech institution serving the needs of our region’s growing aerospace, defense and healthcare industries. Developing Centers for Excellence in key areas such as Applied Technology, Information Technology and Health Professions, Pima is focused on strengthening partnerships and expanding employer engagement in order to ensure that today’s students are prepared now and for many years to come.
Centers of Excellence

Pima Community College’s Centers of Excellence raise the bar on workforce-based education through state-of-the-art facilities and partnerships with employers.

Students preparing in our Centers will have the skills needed today for high-growth, high-wage jobs and will be prepared with the technology, communication and critical thinking skills to adapt to future needs.

The Centers will drive opportunities for students and help fuel our region’s economic growth.
Proposition 481For 50 years Pima Community College has served Pima County, providing affordable, comprehensive educational opportunities to the county’s diverse communities, particularly during these uncertain economic times. Prop. 481 on November’s ballot would provide needed flexibility that would allow the College to continue to support students at the highest level, educate a highly skilled workforce and position the College to jumpstart the economy. For more information on Prop. 481 see PCC's Proposition 481 page (also available as a Prop. 481 PDF).

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