The Impact Of Internet On Society: A Global Perspective

 The Impact Of Internet On Society: A Global Perspective

This article entails the broad societal impacts of the Internet in our lives. But first, let us throw some light on the definition of the Internet. 

What Is the Internet, Exactly?

The Internet is a global computer network that provides a variety of information and communication facilities to people around the world and consists of interconnected networks. In a nutshell, it connects millions of computers globally.

The discovery of the Internet has revolutionized the world; this alone bears the basis of other inventions happening worldwide. The Internet laid the foundation for communication and information technology and made our work more comfortable in every sector.

How Has It Impacted Us?

Today we can not imagine our lives without the Internet, it has become a necessary utility for us. Through this discovery, humans are now connected more than ever in all its entirety. This has proved to be a boon for us. It has provided us easy and affordable access to communicate with anyone on the planet and free and effortless information about anything, including the routers that help to connect. This resource provides us with various router logins. Besides, this reforming discovery laid the stepping stones for e-commerce, cashless transactions, digital marketing, and much more.

Has It Helped Us In Any Way?

The Internet has brought unprecedented growth in the world’s economy by making all the rigorous methods into unchallenging acts. Moreover, this has provided awareness and education to the masses and simultaneously made the decision-making process a piece of cake. 

‘Internet is a technology of freedom’ words of Ithiel De Sola Pool in 1973. This freedom has opened doorways to the utopian and dystopian perceptions when analyzed carefully.

It has pioneered social networking, enabling people to socialize and connect intimately with their friends and family in the nick of time, which has proved to be benevolent and malevolent. There are so many platforms for people to engage with others on the Internet like Facebook, the largest of all social media websites accessible worldwide, Mixi in Japan, Baidu for China, Orkut in Brazil, and many more. These platforms brought a significant change for society at large.

Has It Redefined Socializing?

These social media websites have brought a profound meaning of socializing. As of now, around 4.5 billion people are Internet-connected, 3.725 billion active social media users, and ordinary people spend about 142 minutes of the day being on social networking. These stats have proved the irony that people are more social in virtual life than in the real material world.

Due to the Internet’s presence in the business sector, it has seen exponential growth as people are now taking initiatives and launching their startups more efficiently than ever before. Companies are managing the offshore subsidiaries, marketing their products, and operating like a walk in the park.

The Internet has played a vital role in the booming of the entertainment industry. It is also very beneficial for other sectors to take the lead like the Tourism sector, telecommunications, and more. It has decreased by about 70% of the red tape and provided a place to store your data and information safely.

Is It All Good, Or Does It Have Its Bad Sides?

In the world where the balance concept has a large fan base, Yes, the Internet does have a dark side. Today it is also easier to fall prey to the illegal activities and malpractices performed by people, and also it has increased bullying, stalking, spamming and social isolation. The Internet is the leading cause of pornographic content and violent acts, moreover people hack accounts of others to get access to private things. 


What Is Cyber Crime?

Together, these acts of aggression have coined the term ‘Cyber Crimes, ’ which in brief entails all the wrongful doings on the Internet.

The Internet poses significant challenges to us as expansion in every sector is seen in terms of technology and can create vulnerable systems in which security and privacy are the biggest concerns. The growth of the Internet Of Things has a lot to offer but protecting, and safeguarding have been holding it back. During the era of cybercrimes, you should be well aware of insightful guides from

With the burgeoning merits of the Internet, the disadvantages also have taken an upturn. Thus, people using the Internet daily look at the bright side and end up being easy targets to illicit practices. The Internet has also been an encouragement to social segregation, anxiety, addiction, trolling, fake news, and viruses.


The Internet is a two-edged sword, but the better side outweighs the other one. This century is defined by the discovery of the Internet, hence to enjoy the benefits, we have to tackle the dark effects that come with it. To be safe and secure, we must first be aware of all the scams and misdoings happening around us and then follow the steps to safeguard ourselves towards them.

From writing letters to taking meetings on Zoom, we all grew up and can see the change and dynamism that came with this reforming invention. The Internet is the weapon to destroy humanity's hopes for the worse, or it has the power to trigger revolutionary change for the betterment of humankind.