There was once a time that no one believed that printed media would ever have a competitor, but with the advancement in technology the digital media has bled many publishing companies to the ground. With further advancement came the platform for audio books, online streaming increased due to cheaper data plans and almost every book being available online, it was the obvious answer for a multitasking population. It became the new fad, as people begin to lean towards audio books simply because now they could easily travel/work while listening to their beloved author/book, with the measly requirement of an electronic device that supported such domains. 

Google play provides may audio book apps which you can install for free, with in-app purchases. Once paid, you have a plethora of books at your disposal or for people who unable to avail such platforms don't worry you can always use YouTube for the same. Audio books are just like a podcast, difference is that they are read and recorded with the source from a literature. Initially, when introduced many were skeptical just like I was, this was a natural phenomena because till date we were taught to read rather than listen to a book. But then, I struggled with the same dilemma when I had to switch to the virtual media. That doesn't mean this should hold me back to explore new horizons in tech advancement, when it is at my disposal.  

When I listened to my first audio book, I was frequently going back 30 seconds to hear the part I would miss, although in my defense I was listening while working and my multitasking skills are questionable. All in all, I would say the primary experience was just above average, even though it was sorted to my convenience, but I’m a believer that it takes more than one try to make an impression and so, I tried listening to another book and this time I did have a better feel and didn’t require that many tries to complete my book. 

Well this is not a new circumstance, whenever we switch to a new medium we initially struggle and then eventually we get the hang of it. Upon discussion with my peers on the audio book front, it was pointed out to me that the concept evolved around the point that before stories had a script, fables and tales were passed from one generation to the other through the word of mouth. So, our ancestors were accustomed to narration and only later on did we have handwritten scroll for the stories. I would like to add that when we introduced a toddler to a book, the parent has to narrate the story simply because they can’t read, it’s later on that they begin to read it themselves. My point here is that, an audio version of a book is not an alien notion but just one that we need to get used to.

Today the audio book apps have many of our favorite and A listed celebrities  roped in to narrate the books; also available in our regional languages, albeit it’s a sales gimmick by the audio book companies but we do get a euphoric vibe, when hearing the voice of our beloved actor/actress reading a book with the designated pitch, dramatic punctuations and voice modulation, feels like being personally read to. So to speak it is a must have experience, worth every word.