When it comes to body transformation, diet and working out is not a separate thing. Most of the people, either do exercise or do diet. Some people do heavy workouts and follow a strict diet where they stress themselves to extreme level that they end up giving up their body transformation process.

Exercising is important for losing calories but the most important thing during weight loss is a balanced diet. Balanced diet is a diet where we get all the nutrient in a proper way and in a adequate quantity. There is a famous rule called 80/20 rule which indicates that we get 20% result when we regularly exercise and the rest of the 80% results comes from the diet. 

Diet doesn't have a rule that we have to totally cut off carbohydrates and fats from our diet. You don't have to stress yourself by starving or suddenly cutting down the amount of food or you have to change your eating habits within a fraction of second. you should follow the diet in such a way that you get all the nutrient that gives energy to the body and make you productive in your works also. But there's a thing that you should always remember is a deficient diet. People usually over eat sometime when they see their favorite food, this should be avoided. 

You don't have to give up on your favorite food instead of that replace it with some healthy food. Reality always hits hard but you have to stop your junk foods because junk foods have much more calories which affect you in such a way that even if you working out you don't get result. don't worry but instead you can always replace them with some fiber or something which is healthy. whenever you feel like craving, don't go for junk food rather replace it with some almonds, cashew or walnut which is way more healthier and let go of your cravings. Last but not least drink a lot of water, research says that by drinking more water help you detoxify your body and enhances weight loss even more faster.


You don't have to give up, just make your food in a  healthier way and you will see the result. The duration of the result may differ according to you body type but by having a balanced diet and deficient diet and by exercising you will get result.

 Love yourself, live yourself. 

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