Do Indians lack creativity?


Albert Einstein once said that Creativity is intelligence having fun. It is also said that the creative adult is the child who survived.

Is creativity really important for surviving?

Why are there so many quotations on creativity?

Why are the smart people, Billionaires focusing too much on creativity?

Creativity must be a big deal, no?

Yes, It is.

There are many definitions of creativity. Creativity is the phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed.

Creativity allows us to view and solve our problems better with innovation.

Unfortunately, India is lagging in Creativity.

On the latest Global Creativity Index list, India ranks 99th.

Do Indians lack creativity?

Global Creativity Index combines individually Ranked countries based on creativity, technology, talent and tolerance into an overall score.

India ranks 52 on the technology index, 92 on global talent and 108 on tolerance.

What's wrong?

Is creativity a concern for Indians?  


Indians don’t lack creativity. We lack people who encourage our creativity.

We, Indians are supposed to live a very predictable life that is to get a good degree(mostly MBA, B.Tech, MBBS), get married, have kids, retire and die.

And if a creative mind gets courage enough to do something new, something different, We don’t appreciate them, we don’t encourage them to do better.

 We can get creative in whatever we do, but we have a ‘chalta hai’ attitude, We generally prefer the conventional path.

We don’t lack creativity, We lack the faith that we can be creative. We can get creative in our personal and professional lives.

Now, the question is How to get more creative?

Here’s a quick guide by Anthony Burrill,

1. Change your daily routine and look at the world through fresh eyes

2. Document everything, take photographs, collect things and keep mementoes

3. Be resourceful

4. Keep your phone at arm's length

5. Give yourself deadlines

6. Forget what you've done in the past

7. Say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’

8. Build your creative network

9. Remember that conformity is the enemy of creativity

10. Optimism, energy and enthusiasm make everything happen

To read more, click on the link below:

Thanks for reading. Trust your creativity.

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