Dream for India

 Dream for India

I dream for India to be a superpower, one which helps to keep peace in this conflict-infested world. I dream that one day, instead of Indians going abroad to study and work, people from the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe will all come to India for their studies, and for work. I dream that one day India will be the hallmark of safety and prosperity in the world, and tourists from all over will come to see it's rich culture and history without any fears. I dream that India will be the most scientifically and economically developed country in the world, with every single citizen well educated, it's leaders enterprising, daring, and visionary. I dream for India to be the very definition of democracy with absolute equality in all things for every citizen.

 India is the seventh largest country in the world, and the one with the second largest population. The potential for growth of India's economy - for it's development - is huge. But for this, first, our large population, which has till now slowed down our development, and which is mainly a large number of unemployed, must be turned into a large workforce for the country. This would make it an asset instead of a liability. Employment generation is the need of the hour. Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make in India campaign is a very good beginning to achieve this goal. When our development looks to be progressing well enough, then our focus should shift to ensuring the safety of all people in our society, especially women and children. Instead of giving caste and religion based reservations, we should give economic status based reservations to those candidates who are deserving of it.

What Dr. Kalam said is absolutely the truth. If we do not dream of making India truly great, of uplifting every section of the population, of making it a Utopia, then we will never be able to achieve even a tiny portion of that dream. India with it's large population, which has oodles of talent, has the capacity to become as great as it once was, in the oft-forgotten about annals of history, and even greater. India can be a beacon, a guiding light for the rest of the world, especially other Asian and developing countries to improve the quality of living of their citizens too and to become more developed.

Another important requirement for India to develop and become great is to improve the quality of education in India which has degenerated into simply rote learning and bookish knowledge. It should instead test students' conceptual understanding and practical application of those concepts. Since these students are the future leaders of India, it is important that they should get quality education, so that in turn, India can get quality leaders. For India to move forward, visionary leaders who have a plan of how to make their visions a reality. Education of all is a major requirement to provide India with a skilled workforce, good leaders and to decrease the huge number of unemployed in the country.

Stricter laws to protect the weaker sections of society i.e. women and children should be implemented in such a manner that they, after a point do not remain the weaker sections of society but instead become equal to the other sections. For violent crimes such as murder, rape and assault, high degrees of punishment should be handed out. Redistribution of land and wealth from the rich to the poor can also be done to further blur the lines between different classes and come closer to achieving equality. The family structure in India has traditionally been strong, so instead of adopting the Western method of living, a new variation of the traditional method is perhaps required. This new method should focus on progress and development of a scientific and modern outlook, without entirely giving up on the family values and joint family structure that characterizes most Indian families.

I would hope that since I, and many of my fellow students, have dared to dream for India to be great, maybe we and our elders can also dare to make our dreams come true.