Environment Friendly Tourism 

Eco tourism is the new fad in India, with the general educated populous gradually becoming sensitive and considerate about the environment and ecology. The tourism industry has gone through a major upgrade with a proliferating demand in Eco friendly destination.

Let’s cover the basics

What is Eco-Tourism?

Its a form of tourism that involves responsible travel to natural areas, conserving the environment and promoting the wellbeing of the natives. It is about building a culture of environmental respect and protection while providing positive experiences to visitors and hosts. From the host side this tourism enable them to promote their culture and local industries, they gift a remarkable experience to the tourist, while sensitizing them about the local environment, political or social issues.

What is the importance of Eco tourism in India?

Tourism helps reduce the burden on the local economy and promotes the native culture and practices. It enables the promotion of local flora, fauna and heritage and encourages the visitors to appreciate the beauty surrounding the natural habitat.
It helps to reduce  our carbon footprint, while educating people from 
every strata about the ecology by personally involving them.

Our country is blessed with varied natural diversity, ecology, culture and traditions which makes it a hot spot for Eco tourism.

How can we be a better Eco-Tourist?

Stick to the basics, please do not litter, I know in the throes of enjoyment we forget about a little green/blue bin to throw are trash or we are too tired to look for one, if you don’t find one do what any intelligent adult would, carry back the wrapper/bottle junks to where you stay and dispose them.

Look for a home stay instead of hotel, it might be light on your pockets, plus you will get the warm home stay feel with a great view. Also you get to imbibe the culture of the local communities and get to experience how they survive in their habitat.

Experience the local food and other necessities to support the local economy. Well, this is a no brainer, you are there to enjoy their culture and tradition so utilise it to the hilt. Don’t shy away, enquire when in doubt and rejoice in the new experience.

Kindly do not disrespect the locals culture, you might fail to understand their culture and traditions but try keeping an open mind, watch and enjoy, ask and try to integrate yourself, after all you did decide to take a break from the monotony of your mundane lives or to relax and experience new diversity.

Do try spending long term instead of weekend breaks, plan a holiday such that you can immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of local communities more, rather than worry about reaching back home in time for the next working day. You’ll be tired and would want a holiday again.

Don’t disturb the nature or its trails, you might be tempted to feed the 
wild animals or would be eager to click photos with them to upload it 
on social media, but don’t. Try and refrain as much as you can, 
flashes can disturb them and they might perceive you as a threat and attack you. Don’t forget they are not caged and are free to attack and I believe you may not be able to out run them. Enjoy an unplugged holiday surrounded by nature and biodiversity.

The beauty and serenity of these spots cannot be described in words, you would have to have a personal experience for them to be justified. Be it the snow-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh or the plethora of religious site of Uttarakhand and may more such destinations varied across India. These sites exhibit their own flora, fauna, culture and heritage whose preservation and conservation is a responsibility we all share.

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