How to prepare for entrances

It’s time for entrance exams again, you might be a student (12th, graduate, postgraduate) or a potential job seeker, the common thread that binds you is the impending competitive exam and the strenuous journey your about to embark to ace it.

Instead of spending sleepless nights worrying over it, why not plan it in a systematic way so that it might not become burdensome. First thing first, know the exam inside out your about to appear for, that is, be well versed with the syllabus, various topics and weightages allocated to each topic so that you can map an effective plan. Also, familiarize yourself with the exam pattern by attempting the previous year question papers.

Make a time table:

For this you need to thoroughly self-evaluate, figure out what all needs your attention, what is your week and strong point and then set realistic study goals, so that you can manage your limited time in an effective way. Points to remember while making a study plan is to assign a time to study, don’t study at a stretch, take a short interval in between and the most crucial would be to dedicate more time to hard subjects. Remember the purpose of a time table is so that you have enough time to prepare for portions you’re not confident about and to reinforce your strong points. Don’t make excuses and adhere to the plan because making a schedule is easy but following is what helps you clear the exam.

Make preparation you nucleus:

Simply don’t mug up the content, try understanding the concept as it lasts longer. For example, for the English portion of an exam you need to remember word meanings for synonyms, antonyms etc. There are two ways to approach this either memorizes as many word as possible or use the same words in a sentence, this will help you remember them with context. Don’t forget to jot down points while studying so that you can easily review them when you later on revise. Revision is essential part of any exam as it jogs the memory on concepts that you might have done way back. So always schedule time for revision.


This is a pivotal part of any competitive exam or rather any exam. You need to make a self-assessment if you are planning to crack the entrance. This will tell you where you rank and how much you need to improve in order to roll on with fly colors.

This could be achieved by attempting as many question papers as possible or you can join an online test portal that conducts exams you are preparing for. It could be free or might cost you depending on what exam you are giving.

Few points to note, create your practice test environment coinciding with the real exam, set a timer and if possible practice on the allotted time you might have to appear. This ensures that your body and mind are attuned with the entrance exam schedule and you are fully alert on the day you give your entrance.

Be sincere while evaluating otherwise you may have a false sense of your progress, which will do more harm than good.

Keep a positive and confident attitude:

You may not have started with a lot of confidence, but after attempting few question paper your confidence must be soaring. Keep a strong hold onto that attitude, with short time and the exam approaching you may feel pressured or stress but remember you have planned all of this for the D day.

Don’t strain and stress yourself as the exam time nears but just relax and do light physical exercise/ meditation to keep down your anxiety and proliferate your concentration, also don’t skip meals while preparing for your exams.

As the big day arrives, don’t be late to your exam center as there are protocols to be followed that will take more time, carry all the necessary documents/id proofs/photocopies/medical certificates. Also, a word of caution don’t try to learn any new concept on the previous day of your exam. You have worked hard for this day don’t panic and be confident and you’ll clear it. Best of Luck.