"One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and it didn't fall apart."       

                                                                     -Linda Poindexter 


Mental health includes our emotional, pyschological, and social wellbeing. It affect how we think and act. Mental health is imporatant in every stage of life, from childhood to adolescence through adulthood.


  • Biological factors, such as genes and brain chemistry
  • Life experiences such as trauma or abuse
  • Family history of mental health problem


Not only these factors but there are several reason that the people are suffering from mental stress. There are many reason that gives mental stress like financial stress, peer pressure, emotional stress, work pressure, academics, exams and much more...Today's generation i.e. young youth of the nation face mental pressure at a young age due to high competition in every aspect of their life and due to that pressure they get stress and take such decision like suicide attempts and many youngsters are losing their life. 

                Covid-19 pandemic has been a great impact on human mental health as the people have to be aware as well as cautious of their their health. Many people had already lost their life which has given a threat to many of us of our lives and being sitting and working for hours ,studying online class is really a hectic task, one of the main reason for mental stress. 


There are several ways to avoid mental stress which will give a positive impact in our lives and make our life happier and productive.

You can avoid mental stress by:

1.Exercising regularly :
            You can do any sort of exercise like dance, Pilates, jogging which relieve your stress hormone like cortisol and act as a warrior against anxiety and by doing regular exercise, you will get a good sleep which will eventually relief from mental stress.

2.Going for a walk whenever feel stressed :
            Now a days people are working by sitting hours in front of the electronic devices , which gives mental stress and tiredness. So to avoid this, whenever you fell stressed you just get up and move for a walk this will relieve stress and feel relaxed and can be more productive.

3.By reducing caffeine intake :
           Caffeine is a stimulant present mostly on coffee, chocolates and energy drinks. Taking considerable amount of caffeine is fine but it vary on person to person that how much he is sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine increases stress and anxiety  

4.Spending time with family and friends : 
        Making up time with family and friends is the best therapy for any type of mental stress. By spending time with them you can enjoy and laugh as you will be already free from your work pressure and will definitely give a good change.

5.Listening to soothing music :
            Listening to soothing music relieves stress and will be a good mood shifter. Slow paced instrumental music can induce relaxation response by helping lowering blood pressure and stress. 

6.Go for a yoga class :
             In general, the benefit of yoga to stress and mental health relates to effect on nervous system and stress response. Yoga is widely used for stress reduction and reduce hormone stress. there are many research going on which proves that yoga is beneficial for stress reduction   

7.Write a journal :
            Whenever you have a breakdown or you feel lonely take a book write a journal about how you feel and what you want, this will make your mood a little bit elevated. The best thing to write journal is to write gratitude. Write about the things for which you are grateful for and say thankyou wholeheartedly, this not only relieve stress but gives mental peace and a happy mind which gives a direction to your life which is full of magic.

                    This is more than enough to maintain a good mental health. Mental health is very precious to every human being and taking care of it is like taking care of a small baby, you always have to make sure that you are healthy not only physically but also mentally. Stay healthy, stay safe!

"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone"                              
                                                             -Lisa Olivera