Coping with psychological pain

Pain that does not stem from a physical contusion is difficult to recuperate. Psychological trauma rooting from the loss of a loved one to being left heart broken or even failing to clear a much anticipated exam after N tries; pain associated with these tragedies can’t just be treated with some pills or simply overlooked. This year alone our country has lost a lot of its citizen to Covid-19 and natural disaster, leaving the loved ones with a void and pain that is hard to withstand. If you keep avoiding or neglecting emotional pain it might eventually lead to high stress or anxiety or may manifest as physical symptoms such as insomnia, stomach disorder or even high blood pressure. So, how does one endure their anguish and start to feel wholesome again.

Try maintaining a Journal:

The need to write a journal is to vent your emotion and channel your despair in a healthy way. Don’t think it’s futile and if writing is not up your alley then just use writing apps on devices that take dictations. You are the only one who knows about the degree of emotional pain that embodies you, it is a way to self-express/heal. Therefore don’t think too hard and long, just jot all your feelings and emotions and let the healing begin.

Heal through hobbies:

Pick up a hobby be it sketching, knitting, painting, art, dancing, photography, music, poetry, pottery any or all activities you enjoy. The purpose is same as that for journaling to let go of your emotional pain. These recreations are fun, distraction, much needed freedom and relief from our negative sentiments. Take baby steps towards healing.

Look for a healthy support system:

Your healing circle could include friend, families or even support groups. A social and emotional outlet is paramount, speaking out about your tragedies to someone is a crucial step towards healing. But let me warn you, don’t keep repeatedly ranting about your trauma so much so, that it becomes an unhealthy contemplation that you are unable to overcome. Utilize your pillar of support for a healthy discussion to receive a wholesome solace.

Utilize relaxation technique:

You may follow quite a few methods like, simple breathing, yoga/meditation and exercise. The objective is to slow yourself down, to be focused in the moment and to be calm so that your emotional wounds can close. A simple breathing exercise can give you a sense of being composed and tranquility.

Whereas, physical exercise is good for mind-body wellness. Simply, going for a walk or to the gym can have a drastic impact on your dark emotions, movements allow these heavy feelings to get unstuck and help to uplift the pent up traumatic spirits. So, don’t negate the contributions of exercise and workout to evaporate your emotional stress (however, don’t overdo it).

Avoid unhealthy thinking:

Your misfortune leads to a spiral of negative thoughts that become unavoidable as time proceeds. However, you have to try and be aware when your thoughts go to the dark side, give yourself a pep talk like ‘I’ll get through this’ or ‘I’m strong and can come out of this’ and so on. What you think will impact the way you feel. So, identify and avoid negative thoughts as much as possible.

Keep moving forward:

After a catastrophe you may find it difficult to get out of the rut of despair and to comprehend a future might seem a herculean task. However, its crucial to look forward, this can be done through setting goals or plan activities with the future in mind so that you can move forward at your own pace. Although, it might be a challenge but you can sail through by keeping your thoughts positive as much as possible.

If the pain is too much to deal with alone even after you have tried, don’t shy away from getting professional help. Self forgiveness is pivotal, so do forgive yourself otherwise it will just delay your healing. It will take time to overcome your trauma and set your emotions back on track but you need to keep pushing forward and work on self-care. And as they song goes ‘We shall overcome, someday’, so shall you.

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