Monsoon brought respite to humans and mosquitoes alike, although for different reasons. For us its a relief from the scourging heat we were facing till date, mosquitoes on the other hand can propagate and proliferate in number. But this does not sit well with us, because as they increase in number so does the malaria and dengue cases.  

That’s when the repellents come out, be it coils, incenses or liquids, these chemical solutions may not be good health advocates. You can always use nets, which you already might, but there are some more au naturel remedies to get rid of these pests.

Let’s first cover the basics, don’t let that puddle be a hurdle; don’t let water stagnate in or around your homes, so it might become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Stop being a host to mosquitoes:

Ensure that your house is sealed well enough that these pests don’t feel welcomed. Once, the dusk has arrived close all the doors and windows that may pave a way for these unwelcomed guest into your home. You can also place a screen on the doors and windows as an extra precautionary measure.

Use nature as a shield against them:

You can keep a few potted plants that would act as natural repellents against not only mosquitoes but other pests as well. These plants could be potted indoor, outdoor or both, depending on where you are bullied the most. This include mint, marigold, lemongrass etc, you will be killing two birds with one stone, as they improve the beauty of your home while providing protection.

Lemon and cloves:

This herbal-citrusy smell, that give you a fresh and pleasant feeling, are actually something that makes mosquitoes feel repugnant. All you need to do is cut these fruits and stick clove buds in them and keep it around the house. Your neighbor might think you have gone weirdly superstitious but if it gets rid of both a pesky neighbor and an insect, what’s the harm.


Garlic not only does it repel the mythical vampires, they are detrimental to mosquitoes as well. Just mince or crush few garlic cloves and boil it in water, spray this concoction around your home. This strong odor annihilate mosquitoes, while makes you crave any food item with garlic in it (for garlic lovers). Those who don’t like the stench can just wait it out, as it dissipates gradually.

Beer and alcohol:

Here they definitely play a positive role, unlike when present in copious amounts in your body. Mosquitoes like some of us, abhor the smell of beer, so we can use this fermented beverage to get rid of them. You can pour some out in a plate and leave it in the room, mosquitoes won’t stand a chance, although it might attract flies, but let's tackle one problem at a time.

Following these elementary solutions, which are salubrious; easily available household items (however, for some you might need to go to a store) will make you mosquitoes free. By practicing some primary awareness you could avoid a dangerous illness.