HARWINDER KAUR

        HARWINDER KAUR JANAGAL aka RUBY is the India's shortest lawyer. She has set such incredible example that every is possible if we have the passion or the feeling of achieving in life regardless of the insult, teasing, sometimes emotional breakdown. Despite of all things she had a fierce of achieving in her life. Initially she wanted to become a air hostess but she couldn't achieve because of her height but she didn't lose hope and today she is being saluted by people by achieving her dream and became a professional lawyer. She proved that height doesn't matter as she already achieved a great height and also should go to great height. She has been a great inspiration for the people who lack confidence about their physical appearances or any of the flaws that might stops them from achieving their goal. All thanks to Harwinder Kaur!

When she was Grade IV she came to know that she is not growing and she is suffering from dwarfism. Her parents were so worried about her and had consulted, take appointment for several doctors, they tried various therapy from medication to meditation but ultimately all of the therapies went in vain. during her school days she was being criticized for her slow growth and even teased her which was very heart breaking for Harwinder Kaur. as she appeared for higher grades mostly she used to skip her school and sit at home, at one point she was so demotivated and depressed that she used to lock alone in her home and doesn't allow the family member to see her.

        But somehow she watched so many motivational videos and got motivated and took the courage to achieve something in her life. After taking courage she started to post feeds on the social media where she became famous and receiving lots of love around the world, but there were too some absurd comment which she started to ignore . After realizing that she took the spirit and joined KCL institute of laws, Jalandhar. 

However, Harwinder Kaur completed her LLB last year and was awarded a client certificate and client license on November 23, 2020, by Bar Counseling in Punjab and Haryana. Now, she wants to become a judiciary. She has broken the stereotype that anyone can pursue their dreams and can touch great heights. 


    One must always remember that if a dwarf stands on the shoulder of a tall person or a giant, he can see farther than a tall person himself.