New Software update by Microsoft 



After the long wait of over half a decade (Windows 10, released in 2015) the latest version of the operating system for Microsoft has been launched. Millions of its users will be able to avail the new OS  (operating system) later this year. From the start menu to gaming, Microsoft is revamping its old version for a new one. They promise the users a fresh and sleek design with multiple features and hassle free, decluttered smooth operating User Interface (UI). Microsoft has officially launched the new look of Windows 11 on the 24 of June 2021, a week after its leak.  


A walkthrough of Windows 11:

To begin with, the Start menu unlike the older version is now centralized, that is, it’s located in the center of the task bar rather than the bottom left corner .It can be selected by clicking on the new Start icon which has four equal sized squares in comparison to the previous version with window panels widening from left to right. The new menu has both pinned apps, recommended files and apps including a search bar on the top that serves a dual purpose of surfing the net as well as, searching the device.


Due to the pandemic, more people are dependent on their devices, be it work or school so, it comes as no surprise that the Microsoft has managed to integrate the Teams a chat and videoconferencing software application to the taskbar. One can use this feature to text, chat, voice or video call with their contacts across every kind of operating system (windows, android or iOS).


Windows 11 Widgets they are personalized feeds that have been upgraded from the Windows 10 version, it’s for the convenience of the user to have a quick glance at the weather, top-news stories, calendar and maps or perhaps check the stock market. The Widget layout slides in from the left hand side of Windows 11 which can be maximized to full size if desired.


One new feature that marked the upgraded OS is Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops. The Snap Layouts smoothly enables users working with multiple apps a side to side presence on screen for multitasking purposes. Snap Groups are an ensemble of multiple apps that users can access unhindered quickly even after a break, from the taskbar. Desktop can be used to customize wallpaper and create multiple Desktop for work, entertainment or gaming.     


For all the gamers out there Microsoft delivers a feast, with OS that features technology like Auto HDR to enhance graphic performance such as wider range of brightness and color for all-round visual experience. The DirectX12 Ultimate can provide an in-depth graphics at high frame rates.

Windows 11unlike its predecessor will support DirectStorage technology, well of course with the compatible hardware and drivers, for detailed game worlds and smooth loading without time consumption or lagging.

The Xbox App is now built into the Windows11 this enables easy access to Game Pass, allowing the user to browse and play over 100 PC games of varied genres. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gamers can experience Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows PC via a browser and with the cross play and cross save they can play these games with ease across devices.


Users who previously faced dilemmas, unable to download any android apps from the Microsoft store, fret not anymore as the tech giant has introduced a new Microsoft store as a single console for apps, games and media like TV or movies on Windows 11. The store will include its own and third party apps like Visual Studios, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom and Canva. The Android apps are made available to the users via the Amazon App store. Microsoft made this into a reality with the help of Amazon and Intel.


There is no definite release date as of yet, even though there is an expectation of the windows 11 to be available by October, perhaps this year. Free upgradation is available for all those with Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs according to Microsoft. If you want to know whether you’re eligible or not just go to and download the PC Health Check app.