With the impending third wave and the stead rise in Covid-19 cases across our country, people are trying to get vaccinated more so than before, ever since the government avail the vaccine to the masses with walk-in option, that is, without the pre-booking on the Cowin platform.

After all, we know that prevention is better than cure but unfortunately we have no cure, so getting the jab is only way to protect ourselves from the virus, keeping in mind that the vaccine will only provide you with the necessary immunity and does not stop you from getting further infected, but just decreases the gravity of the infection and limit the need to be hospitalized.

However, there is still something you need to do once you are vaccinated, that is to download your vaccination certificate, don’t overlook this fact because it will be crucial in the near future. People who have traveling plans abroad will need to link it with their passport, so whether you have only received the first dose or the both of them, you need to download your certificate. This will also grant you free travel around most of the states without getting a RT PCR test done, but you may be required to follow their (the states) respective Covid-19 protocols.

You can download your certificate either through the Cowin platform or can use the MyGov Corona Helpdesk WhatsApp chat. When you open the Cowin portal, you will immediately observe a ‘download certificate’ to the right side of the ‘book you slot’ option, these choices are adjacent to each other present on the upper side of the webpage.

You could also download your documents using WhatsApp Chat by following simple procedure according to the free press journal (

1. The Government of India had launched the MyGov Corona HelpDesk WhatsApp chatbot to help people with COVID-related resources. But you can now use the chatbot for downloading your vaccine certificate.

2. Add the number - +91 9013151515 to your contact list, it is MyGov Corona Helpdesk WhatsApp number.

3. Open WhatsApp and on the search bar, look for MyGov number that you have saved on your phone.

4. Open the chat window when you find the MyGov contact

5. When you open the chat, in the dialogue box, type Download Certificate.

6. When you type out the command, WhatsApp will send you a six-digit OTP to your registered mobile number. It would be convenient for you if you message from the number that you had registered on the CoWin application for COVID-19 vaccine.

7. Find the OTP and write it in the WhatsApp chat box with MyGov.

8. If you have registered more than one user, WhatsApp will send you the list of people and ask you to choose accordingly.

9. Options like one, two or three will be given depending on the number of people you have registered. Type out the number that you want the certificate for.

10. The Chatbox will then send you the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. You can download it on your phone.

Even the Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor has praised the simplicity and swiftness of the platform through his tweet stating:

"I’ve always acknowledged & praised the Government when it merits it. As a critic of #Cowin, let me say they’ve done something terrific. Send a@WhatsApp message “download certificate" to 90131 51515, receive OTP & get your vaccination certificate back by @WhatsApp. Simple&fast!,"