On the journey for knowledge, always pack space for failure. Never be afraid to ask, it’s better to gain new information by questioning rather than pretending to know. Teachers have always encouraged us to be curious about our surrounding cleverly pointing out using the epic phrase ‘(There's) no such thing as a stupid question’.

That is until you do a quick online search for the most ridiculous questions on Quora and by all deities above that is an eye and sinus opener. Your eyes are tearing and you are slightly sniffing all because of tears of joy while reading these curious masses out there.

Curiosity definitely kills the cat, but people with absurd inquiry tend to leave those who answer these question amused and in wonderment, eventually they defend the questions with humour. Let me point out that I am not dissing on anyone’s doubts or questions, but just simply saying that before you ask, do a prompt search online and if it still does not quench your thirst then maybe ask the experts.

Quoting directly from the website (https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-funniest-answers-on-Quora ), here are some hilarious questions and their response: 

What happens if time stopped suddenly for 5 seconds?

Answer by Robert J. Kolker 

How would stoppage of time be timed (to five seconds) without time?

The question is self-contradictory.

Why can’t I have a conversation with a girl in spite of being extremely proficient in science and maths?

Answer by Dayani Dodbele, an intricate array of Fermions.

Perhaps “the uncertainty principal” is stopping you.

When you are in the position to talk to a certain girl, you wouldn’t have the momentum to express your thoughts; and when you have the momentum, you are not in the position.

Why did Microsoft choose a person like Satya Nadella, who is neither from an IIT nor from an NIT?

Answer by Ajay Gaur, CS, DA-IICT

Bill Gates wanted a CEO, not a son-in-law.

What is a good piece of random advice?

Answer by Niharika Banerjee, Experience has taught me much. 

Never listen to a song right before an exam. It’ll be stuck in your mind while you write your answers.

Mathematics: Is 30 divisible by 2 and/or 3

Answer by Christopher Reiss, BS in math, Putnam Rank 254 in 1990


And using Quora to answer this is like killing mosquito with thermonuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

The aim of posting these question was for humour purposes only and not to hurt anybody's sentiment. Although, these are just some jewels but Quora is full of many such random and absurd questions. The people posting answers with their witty twists are the real heroes keeping curiosity well alive and thriving. Laughter is the best medicine the age old saying is never wrong and reading these Quora feeds for the article gained quite a few chuckles and hearty laughs.