Why Should Scholars Publish Articles in Open Access Journals?

 Open access is a term often discussed in the scholarly world.  Open access publication is a process through which research outputs can be distributed to other academics or anyone interested in that strand of conversation. It is an important and essential part of scholarly publishing today. Recently there have been a lot of conversations about open access journals as they can have many benefits, but most importantly, it enables your valuable research to reach a wider audience and have a greater impact on society.

Any scholarly pursuit is meant to be for the great good. We learn and experiment because we want to evolve. These studies should thus be transparent and accessible to everyone. Open Access (OA) publications basically reduce permission requirements for the article and eliminate the price barriers for readers.  It allows access without subscription for researchers, teachers, journalists, policymakers, and anyone else who might be looking for articles on that particular field or content. Multiple studies show that Open Access articles actually receive more citations than limited-access content. This is because publications in open access journals provide easy access.  

And the impact of OA publications is not related to the field of academia alone. Even the most unassuming aspects of our daily lives are being studied and researched, based on which they are also being improved. Take escape rooms, for example. Did you know that there are several research studies being conducted on the potential and influences of breakout escape room activities in the field of education and psychology? The reason why normal people like you and I can even get to know the positive impacts of this incredible recreation is OA publications that allow us to easily get our hands on scientific information. 

Why Should Scholars Publish Articles in Open Access Journals? 

Publishing scholarly articles in Open Access Journals have a number of benefits. If you are thinking about publishing your scholarly article in an open-access journal, you have come to the right place. We have provided a detailed list of reasons why scholars should publish open access articles. 


Unlike subscription-based journals, open access journals provide a lot more access to articles and any other form of scholarly content. Open access journals do not impose subscription fees on people. Although, in certain cases, it takes some minimal fees. This makes the publication more accessible, and it reaches a wider audience. Since there is no excess expenditure, people can access them easily and as many times as they want. The research and studies on different disciplines could be made available to not only academics but also laymen.  

Increased Engagement 

Open access articles are accessed more; hence it increases crowd engagement. It is only natural that open access articles are accessed and cited more than articles behind a paywall. The quick and easy access will prompt more interest in the subject and inspire other scholars to make headway with their research as well. These open access articles are easily available through good SEO techniques. This is especially easy because the contents are in public and accessible domains. 

Since the content will be available to everyone without a subscription, it will increase more conversations on the topic, and as a consequence, the citation rate will also increase.  

Wider Peer Collaboration 

Since there will be wider engagement between the open-access content, there will be an increase in the amount of interest given to a particular topic. This will start conversations on the topic. It will also enable researchers to collaborate on several research projects. Open access journals rely heavily on peer reviews, and this will develop healthy feelings between scholars as well. The easy access will also prompt people to share the articles more widely, even outside the academic world.  

Increased Interdisciplinary Conversation 

Increased engagement and peer collaboration between scholars means that a particular article's quality, authenticity, and relevance will be assessed by independent peers within the field. Open access journals will cohabitate multiple contents from various disciplines. It will help the researchers connect with each other well, and this will open up interdisciplinary conversations. No discipline lives in a vacuum; it is only through collaborations that we will be able to learn more.  

Increased Author and Institution Visibility 

Often authorship is ignored or put into the backseat in subscription-based publications. Sometimes, even the institutions are not prioritized enough. Instead, it is the limited access journal that gains more recognition. Open access articles tend to prioritize the author and the institution more. With open access articles, more readers can become aware of the original author and the institution. This is unlike what happens in a subscription-based journal publication. 

Through open access articles, institutions can also enhance their visibility. They can start more collaborations and start hosting or participating in open access publishing. These days, there are also several opportunities to get funding through open access publications.  

Modes of Availability 

With open access journals, the mode of articles available will not be restricted. In digital platforms, the content does not need to be restricted to articles only. The text should be anything from articles, audio-visual content, raw or processed content, etc. This is unlike what we see in traditional subscription-based publications. Open access contents are also cost-effective publications, making them even more popular. 


Publishing scholarly articles in open access journals has a lot of benefits. But before you choose to publish your content, there are certain factors you must consider. Make sure the open-access journal is reputable, and it has indicators like H-index and impacts factor (campus login), etc. Whether they are new journals or less popular, always make sure to do research on them so that you find a reputable and trustworthy open-access journal for your scholarly work.


Whether you are searching up casual concerns like escape rooms near me or scholarly articles on the history of Shakespearean plays, it is the SEO that leads you to a perfect article. Since researchers and academic scholars rely heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) and specialized databases, it is pertinent that the journal follows these concerns. The articles should also be archived by the journal or make provisions for self-archival. 

Make sure you thoroughly learn more about open access journals and your authorial rights before you choose to publish in an open-access journal. If the principle and process of open access can be defined more thoroughly and by a distinguished body, various barriers to copying or reusable clauses can also be reduced or even removed by applying for an open license for copyright. 

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