Education of Students with Permanent Disabilities


 Education plays a vital role in influencing the life of the disabled as educated disabled persons can seek work quickly to survive. Education no doubt reduces the discrimination against disabled individuals and they can stand with ordinary people with several skills and degrees. It develops critical thinking and helps them qualify for interviews and secure a permanent job.

Disability is the limitation of an individual that hinders normal functioning as normal people. Permanent disability includes spinal cord injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, various sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy, etc. Permanent disability causes them to be dependent on others, like vision or hearing problems.

What are the needs of Disabled Students?

The basic needs of disabled students are the right to live like others and avail of all the facilities that an average student gets. The basic requirements of disabled students are technical aids, full access to the education environment, adapted housing, inclusive education, appropriate information, advocacy, and counseling.

They need proper accommodation like a hostel if they live away from home. They should be given inspiring models, learning strategies, self-efficacy, a chance to practice, creative space, feedback, and approval of collecting funds that are generally neglected for disabled students.

Why Education is Necessary for Disabled Kids?

Education for Permanent Disabilities is essential as it helps build a stereotypical mindset of these students. When students with disabilities are well taught, it leads to non-discrimination as they appear equal to other students in society and make decisions themselves.

Barriers in getting Education with Disabilities:

Many social, school, and community factors hinder getting a proper education. The fundamental hurdle is caused by society as society does not groom and encourage the disabled to get an education. Negative attitudes and social stigma come out of cultural and religious beliefs because disability is considered a permanent punishment from nature.

In most cases, parents pay little attention to the counseling and education of such students as they are considered idle. Other barriers include the cost of transport, school uniforms, and books for disabled students. Poor school systems with minimum resources, limited training of teachers, and medical impairments are also the root of illiteracy.

What Problems can be raised due to illiteracy?

Disability is a human rights problem but is not paid attention to. Millions of people are affected in developing countries due to illiteracy and the society and economy of a nation. The millennium development goals cannot be obtained without addressing disability problems. 

Disabled students are generally excluded from the primary education system and their issues are not resolved at ground level. In many schools, disabled students are enrolled in school but they are not taught and prepared for exams like normal students. 

Education Environment for Disabled Students?

Disable students should be taught at a separate institute instead of placing them with normal students. Respective institutes should be built for the disabled like disabled students with hearing loss, vision impairment, dumb, mental ill, acquired brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, and physical disability are kept separate.

What type of education should be given to Disable Students?

The following education should be taught to disable students to survive in a competitive world:

Inclusive Education

Inclusive education refers to a system where all students are admitted and allowed to study irrespective of age, gender, and qualities. This type of education determines how we design schools, programs, and classrooms to give equal opportunity to all the students.

Inclusive education ensures quality education that fulfills the diverse needs of disabled students with a respectful, supportive, responsive, and accepting perspective. The classrooms may include cafeterias, music rooms, playgrounds, libraries, theatres, and the local community. 

Special Education

Special education is a mode of education for special or disabled students and it is a way of teaching them that manages their special needs, individual differences, and permanent disabilities. This education is meant for the children who differ physically, mentally, or socially to such an extent.

It enables all the students to get a specific level of independence and allows them to teach education according to their unique needs. This education is organized to address the basic needs of disabled children and develops major skills like physical, emotional, and behavioral.

Integrated Education

Integrated education refers to a system that teaches children irrespective of their backgrounds. It organizes educational experiences for blind and sighted children as well as enables them to interact with others normally. It develops positive social attitudes and breaks down barriers to blinds in getting a proper education.

Spoken Language Courses

Knowledge of different languages improves creativity, critical reasoning, collaboration, and adaptability. The disabled students can be taught spoken language courses so they understand foreign languages and seek language translation jobs accordingly. These courses enable them to teach other students the language courses and earn money in major institutes. 

What type of Scholarships are given to Disable Persons?

There are many scholarships available for disabled students to survive in top-ranked schools and universities if they are financially weak. Some scholarships are local, allowing students to get an education without worrying about fees; some are given abroad so that such children get quality education in foreign countries. 

International scholarships include Baer Reintegration, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and hard of hearing, AAHD Frederick J. Krause, Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial, Hemophilia Federation of America, Google Lime, National Center for Learning Disabilities Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas, Shire Canada ADHD scholarships.

European scholarships include Google Europe scholarships for students with disabilities, International University of Logistics and Transport Wroclaw, Goldsmiths, Flying Scholarships, Oxford Wad ham Graduate, Snowden Trust Grants, British Council, UCL Fees and Funding, and Disability Rights UK Funding Higher Education for disabled children.

Right Career after Getting Education:

Disabled persons not only face difficulties in getting an education but also in seeking a proper job. Such students should determine the right path according to their degree and skills. There should be a proper counselling about seeking a job and making a profitable career after getting an education for the disabled.

The jobs for the disabled may include pharmacy technician, call center, counselor, medical administrative assistant, legal assistant, accounting specialist, nursing, law, media, and veterinary science. Some jobs from home include becoming a virtual assistant, freelancer, voice-over artist, joining a customer service team, and writing a blog.

Why seats are reserved in a job for Disables?

There should be some opportunities to organize jobs and reserve some seats for the disabled in the disabled quota. This system is relaxing for deserving students; otherwise, there is much competition in seeking jobs as normal students are more suitable for organizations as compared to the disabled.

The handicapped students must be given upper age limit and gender relaxation in seeking a job. Speakers must raise their voices and pass bills for a special reservation quota in parliament. The disabled students would be more attracted to education when they are given the confidence of a secured career.

What are MDG Goals?

MDG stands for millennium development goals and these goals are achieved when the following measures are taken:

·       Reduce extreme poverty and child mortality

·       Improve maternal health for disabled students

·       Promote gender equality and ensure environmental sustainability

·       Develop a universal partnership in developing standard education

·       Combat malaria, AIDS, and other diseases

·       Empower female disabled students

·       Achieve global primary education.


What Measures should be taken for Disabled Students?

Following are some measures the institutes should take to promote literacy among disabled students:

·       Shift the education system from regular class learning to inclusive education  

·       Extend the coverage of the disabled with specific educational 

·       Develop an accountable and specialized management network

·       Promote more resources and practices to groom individualized education 

·       Make resourceful rooms and construct the accessible infrastructure 

Parental Responsibility:

Parents of disabled children should empower and encourage their kids that their personality is not lower than other children. Mothers must motivate them by saying they can do everything in life with little support and contribute to their country's development by participating in national and international events.

Parents should develop confidence in their disabled kids and ask them to face challenges in life. The children should be asked to combat negative responses from society and do not frustrated by social rejection. Meanwhile, such students should be cared and treated in well-known hospitals and they must be convinced they will live like normal children in the future.

Final Thoughts:

Disabled students should be treated as normal children and their hidden talents and skills should not be underestimated. Social security schemes and protection systems should be organized for females handicapped as they are more likely to be raped and sexually tortured. Self-protection and defense should be taught to such children in their education so that rapists and robbers cannot harm them.

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