. If you’re a nature lover, Chandlai Lake Jaipur is an unexplored place, and you would definitely love the destination for its peace and beauty

Chandlai Lake is the best destination to enjoy the nature of beauty along with the birds by sitting alone or with family or friends. It’s a very popular bird haven. This place will ensure to grab the opportunity to mind your own business without any bothering. The best visiting time for Lake is between November and early March.

Chandlai Lake is situated around 30kms away from the Jaipur having coordinated:

major source for various migratory birds that are coming to the lake during the monsoon season & also to the villagers that are using the water for the agricultural purposes. However, in recent era, the conditions are very exhausted and the natural cycle is very disturbed. The lake is suffered from depletion of water quality and natural resources, which also affects the life of villagers & migratory birds. In order to recreate the healthy conditions, we need to understand the basic problems that are associated with the lake, which causes its deterioration with rapid rate

Chandlai Lake is a major source of water to the nearby villagers & also to the migratory birds.

Now days the condition is very worst & it need some implementation as early as possible. Harnessing the natural resources leads to very pathetic condition of lake & effective steps has to be taken in order to save our biodiversity.