Temples are the pride of Rajasthan

We came across a temple which was built by Maharani Champa Devi and that's why it's name was Champawat Mandir. We talked to its  caretakers, Mr. Dilip Singh and Mr. Mahesh Kumar who are also the pandits in the temple since 1990. The temple is 185 years old. The palm trees in the temple are also 185 years old and they represent the heritage of the temple that still continues to grow everyday. It has a " Mahalnuma" structure , also called the " Barahnari" structure.  Earlier they were rooms of kings and queens. Now, the Mahants and Pandits running the temple are living in those rooms. It organizes 5 "Jhankis" everyday namely - Mangla, Rajbhog, Sandhya, Gwala, Shayan.  The whole timetable of this temple is similar to the timetable of Govind Dev Ji Mandir.  Rajbhog that consists of a variety of traditional food items, is made everyday for the pundits of the temple. Around 200-500 Tourists as well as localities vsist the temple everyday.  It is a private property so no funds from government is given . The temple is running on the donations and charity done by the localities and big firms.  There are 5 big events organized by the temple on different festivals.  On Diwali , the whole temple is decorated with lights. The localities bring diyas and the whole place is filled with lights and flowers. The temple continues to spread its heritage and happiness in the city.