KisaanSarthak: Empowering Farmers through Technology


Agriculture is a vital sector in India, providing a living for millions of people. Farmers, on the other hand, frequently face obstacles such as a lack of information, market volatility, and a lack of bargaining power. To address these difficulties, the KisaanSarthak platform was created, which allows farmers to get access to markets, information, and financial services.

KisaanSarthak is a technology-based platform that connects farmers with buyers, processors, and other agricultural supply chain partners. Farmers can register on the platform and build profiles that include information about themselves, their products, and their farming practises. Buyers utilise this information to find and identify farmers who can supply the products they require.

One of the platform's most important advantages is the opportunity for businesses to request product samples from farmers. This helps to guarantee that items meet quality requirements before they enter the market. After a company approves a sample, negotiations on a contract for the product's supply can commence. The website also manages payments between buyers and farmers, ensuring that farmers are paid on time and fairly for their products.   

KisaanSarthak, in addition to facilitating trade, gives farmers access to information on government schemes, market prices, weather forecasts, and farming techniques. Farmers can also use the platform to connect with experts and other farmers for advice and support. This contributes to increased agricultural productivity, cost savings, and overall efficiency.

KisaanSarthak has had great success in empowering farmers and increasing their income. By providing a consistent source of income, the platform has reduced farmers' reliance on middlemen and enabled them to negotiate better prices for their products. The platform has also assisted in the creation of new market opportunities for farmers, such as access to export markets.

As students at the Government College of Engineering in Nagpur, we got the opportunity to work on a project called KisaanSarthak under the supervision of Dr. Latesh Malik, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Our four membered team consisting Kaustubh Lanjewar, Piyush Singh, Prajwal Bhandarkar and Yuvraj Totade, was able to understand the complexity of the agricultural sector and design a platform that might potentially alter the lives of millions of farmers in India because to her experience and advice.

In conclusion, KisaanSarthak is an innovative platform with the potential to transform India's agricultural sector.  Our team was able to comprehend the complexities of the agricultural sector and create a platform that has the potential to transform the lives of millions of farmers. The platform has helped to improve the efficiency, transparency, and profitability of the agricultural supply chain by leveraging technology to connect farmers with buyers and other stakeholders. Farmers have also benefited from the platform's access to information, market opportunities, and financial services. KisaanSarthak has the potential to drive long-term development in the Indian agricultural sector with continued support and investment.