Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Banking by Customers: Critical Analysis of Empirical Evidences

Electronic banking is the new trend significantly adopted by banking sector worldwide due to its wider scope for the customers as well as banks at large. It has potential to hold great promises for bankers to grab huge business opportunities. In the present study, the diverse literature available worldwide on the adoption and diffusion of e banking has been explored to identify the significant constructs which enable innovation to diffuse among the customers and ultimately lead to its adoption. Its main purpose is to understand the trend of various research aspects prevailing in the field of banking and related to the adoption of innovative services by customers. In order to review the relevant literature, research papers have been collected from the referred journals related to innovation, marketing and banking. Qualitative approaches have been used in order to analyse and compare the main findings as well as applicability of the research papers. Hence, using an interpretative and critical approach through content analysis of the studies reviewed, the important measures viz. Research Methodology, Sample size, Respondents’ profile, Model applied and Significant Constructs have been taken into account for further inquiry. This study builds up a strong conceptual framework for the researchers by thoroughly analyzing the empirical studies of last 11 years i.e. from 1999 to 2009 which further links the consumers’ perceptions and orientation to practical implications. Keywords: Adoption and Diffusion Models, Electronic banking, Technology, Literature Review, Content Analysis.